Life and Services

1.Campus Card:

Campus Card Service Center


HEMC Campus Card Service(East Area)


HEMC Campus Card Service(West Area)


GDUT Campus Card Service(East Area)


GDUT Campus Card Service(West Area)


2. Shopping around the HEMC campus:

(1) Supermarket: the East of Living Area, there is a small business center is near GDUT Hospital, with printing rooms, optical shop, barbershops on the first floor, and Shibo Supermarket on the second floor.    

(2) Nanting Village (beside the basketball court): There are also many shops affordable for students, including a relatively large supermarket ( Zhucheng Supermarket), and a food market, where fruits, meat and vegetables are sold.   

(3) The shopping center of GZHU: Located in the Living Area of GZHU, there it is a relatively large shopping mall. On the B1, there are Bolian Supermarket, Food Street, various shops, and many fast food restaurants, such as KFC and Pizza Hut. 

(4) Beigang Village: Located between the living areas of SYSU and GDUFS, it is the most prosperous place in HEMC campus, with all kinds of snack bars and shops. There is the Gogo Shopping Center, with different kinds of clothing stores, restaurants, cinema and other entertainment facilities.