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GDUT boasts 7 first-level disciplines authorized to grant doctoral degree, 31 sub-disciplines authorized to grant doctoral degree; 23 first-level disciplines authorized to grant Master’s Degree; and 92 sub-disciplines authorized to grant Master’s Degree. We have 13 professional master programs, including Master of Business Administration (MBA), Construction Management, Accounting, Master of Translation and Interpreting (MTI), Social Work, Finance, Art, Computer Science, Machinery, Materials Science, Resources and Environment, Energy and Power, and Civil Engineering.

Currently, GDUT counts more than 8600 postgraduates, including over 570 Ph.D. Candidate, over 6100 full-time postgraduates and some 1900 part-time postgraduates.

Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science/Biology rank in the ESI top 1%. There is a nation-province-university graduate joint training base platform in GDUT (with totally 178 bases), including 2 National Joint Training Bases for Master of Engineering, 44 Provincial Graduate Joint Training Bases. GDUT has produced many qualified graduates that contributed to China’s national and Guangdong’s provincial economic development.

GDUT vigorously promotes international cooperation and exchange in graduate education. We have CSC funded projects and “Overseas Study Program of Guangzhou Elite Project”, which selects outstanding postgraduates to study in prestigious universities and research institutions, engage in cooperative research, and participate in academic exchanges. Besides, GDUT strives to promote its “Double Master’s Degree” with overseas prestigious universities. More than 100 graduates have been funded to study overseas every year.

2. Programs

School of Electromechanical Engineering

0802 Mechanical Engineering (doctoral degree)

0804 Instrument Science and Technology (master degree)

0855 Machinery (professional master)

0854 Electronic Information (Control Engineering) (professional master)

125603 Industrial Engineering and Management (professional master)

School of Automation

0811 Control Science and Engineering (doctoral degree)

0808 Electrical Engineering (master degree)

0854 Electronic Information (Control Engineering) (professional master)

0858 Energy and Power (Electrical Engineering) (Professional Master)

School of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry

0817 Chemical Engineering and Technology (doctoral degree)

0856 Materials and Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering)(professional master)

School of Information Engineering

0810 Information and Telecommunication Engineering (doctoral degree)

0854 Electronic Information (Information Engineering and Integrated Circuits) (professional master)

School of Civil and Transportation Engineering

0805Z2 Civil Engineering Materials and Engineering (self-built sub-discipline, doctoral degree)

0814 Civil Engineering (master degree)

0816 Surveying and Mapping (master degree)

0859 Civil Engineering (Architectural and Civil Engineering)(professional master)

125601 Construction Management (professional master)

School of Management

1201 Management Science and Engineering (master degree)

1202 Business Administration (master degree)

1204 Public Administration (master degree)

1251 Business Administration (professional master)

1253 Accounting (professional master)

125602 Project Management (professional master)

125604 Logistic Engineering and Management (professional master)

School of Computers Science

0811Z1 Applied Science in Computer Engineering (self-bulit sub-discipline, doctoral degree)

0812 Computer Science and Technology (master degree)

0835 Mathematics (master degree)

0854 Electronic Information (Computer Technology and Software Engineering)(professional master)

School of Materials and Energy

0805 Materials Science and Engineering (master degree)

0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo physics (master degree)

0856 Materials and chemicals (Materials Engineering) (professional master)

0858 Energy and Power Engineering (Power Engineering) (professional master)

School of Environmental Science and Engineering

0830 Environmental Science and Engineering (doctoral degree)

0857 Resource and Environmental Engineering (professional master)

School of Applied Mathematics

0701 Mathematics (master degree)

School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

080501 Materials Physics and Chemistry (sub-discipline, doctoral degree)

0803 Optical Engineering (master degree)

0809 Electronic Science and Technology (master degree)

0802 Electronic Information (Electronic and Optoelectronic Engineering)(professional master)

School of Art and Design

0802Z2 Industrial Design and Creative Product (self-built sub-discipline, doctoral degree)

1305 Design (master degree)

0855 Machinery (Industrial Design Engineering) (professional master)

1351 Art (professional master)

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

0813 Architecture (master degree)

0833 Urban and Rural Planning (master degree)

0859 Civil and hydraulic Engineering (Urban and Rural Planning) (professional master)

School of Economics and Commerce

0202 Applied Economics (master degree)

0251 Finance (professional master)

School of Politics and Law

1201Z1 Community Service Management (sub-discipline, master degree, self-built)

120401 Administrative Management (master degree)

0352 Social Work (professional master)

School of Foreign Languages

055100 Translation and Interpreting (professional master)

School of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

0817 Pharmaceutical Engineering (self-built sub-discipline, doctoral degree)

081703 Biological Chemistry (sub-discipline, doctoral degree)

0856 Materials and Chemistry (Biomedicine)

Institute of Environmental and Ecological Engineering

0830 Environmental Science and Engineering (doctoral degree)

0857 Resource and Environmental Engineering (professional master)

School of Marxism Studies

1204Z1 Marxist theory of State Governance and Government Affairs Administration (sub-discipline, master degree)