GDUT and Foshan Nanhai Join Forces to Set a New Benchmark for School-Local Cooperation


On May 31, Guangdong University of Technology and People's Government of Nanhai District held a comprehensive deepening strategic cooperation exchange meeting and key project signing event in Nanhai District, Foshan. On the basis of the existing cooperation, the two parties reached a consensus on strengthening cooperation in the cultural tourism industry, vocational education and achievement transformation, and held signing ceremonies such as the establishment of direct investment projects, the stationing of scientific and technological investment projects, the tackling of key problems by enterprise research and development institutions, and scientific and technological financial projects. School-local cooperation has reached a new height.


Hu Qintai, member of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of GDUT, and Lu Renquan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of GDUT, attended the ceremony and held discussions with Gu Yaohui, Secretary of the Nanhai District Party Committee before the event. Wang Yong, deputy secretary of the Nanhai District Party Committee and head of the district, and Xu Yongqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and executive deputy head of the district, attended the event.


"GDUT and Nanhai District have a close cooperation foundation, and the key disciplines of GDUT are highly matched with the industrial structure of the Nanhai region. We hope that the two parties will make a list of cooperation and jointly formulate a cooperation plan for the '15th Five-Year Plan'." Hu Qintai said that GDUT will continue to increase and deepen cooperation with Nanhai, organically combine the industrial needs of Nanhai with the competitive research areas of GDUT, and explore the school-local cooperation model and long-term mechanism from the aspects of talent introduction, achievement transformation, platform construction, industry-university-research cooperation, etc., to create more influential school-local cooperation benchmark projects.


In his speech, Wang Yong anchored the direction for the comprehensive and in-depth cooperation between Nanhai and GDUT, "In recent years, Nanhai has vigorously promoted the" entrepreneur + scientist "model, and hope we could make due contribution to the local development." Wang Yong said.

Since 2013, GDUT and Nanhai District have carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, personnel training, industry-university-research cooperation, etc., and jointly built the first and second phases of the Foshan Research Institute, introduced more than 300 high-end talents at home and abroad, and incubated 316 high-tech enterprises, including 85 approved national high-tech enterprises, 5 national-level specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises. There are 22 new enterprises rated among the provincial level outstanding ones. It has been rated as excellent (Class A) national technology business incubator 6 times.