President Qiu Xueqing went to Survey the Analysis and Testing Center and Provide Guidance

Sponsored by the undefinedysis and Testing Center, the fourth special exchange meeting of "Separate Measurement Midday Time" was successfully carried out on May 27 in the 301 Smart Training and Sharing Space of the Science and Technology North Building. The theme of this exchange is "Double Ball Aberration Correction Transmission Electron Microscope undefinedysis Technology and Frontier Applications".


Qiu Xueqing came to the scene to guide and delivered a speech. Professor Liu Weifeng, Department of Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology, Wang Liming, Associate Researcher of China Spallation Neutron Source, Institute of High Energy Physics in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mou Xinliang, Business Manager of Materials and Structural undefinedysis Department of Thermo Fisher Scientific Technology, and the head of Microarea undefinedysis Office of undefinedysis and Testing Center attended the meeting and made a special report.

 Qiu Xueqing delivered a speech for the event. On behalf of GDUT, he expressed sincere welcome and greetings to the teachers and students who actively participated in the exchange activities. He fully affirmed the holding of the series of activities of "Midday Time Exchange" and encouraged the center to continue to make good use of this activity to build more and better technical exchange and discussion platforms for everyone. He hopes that the center can always focus on its main responsibilities and strengthen its responsibilities. On the one hand, it can learn more about the new progress of scientific research and the new needs of teachers and students, continue to refine testing services, consolidate the talent team, expand industry reputation, and continuously improve the "soft power" of technology. On the other hand, it could help faculty learn more new experience, expand new horizons, focus on strengthening site construction, improve infrastructure, optimize operation management, effectively improve the "hard indicators" of the platform.In addition, he would continue to increase investment in the construction of a large-scale analysis and testing instrument sharing platform, aiming to build a first-class analysis and testing platform in Guangdong Province. He especially encouraged the teachers and students present to rely more on the school's excellent scientific research environment and equipment to carry out scientific research, do more meaningful academic research, and jointly contribute to the high-quality connotative development of the school.


Subsequently, several reports were made on the scene. Professor Liu Weifeng focused on "Microphase Interface Design of High-performance Lignin Polymer Composites", Mou Xinliang focused on "New Technology and Application of High-end Transmission Electron Microscopy", Wang Liming focused on "China Spallation Neutron Source and Neutron Scattering in Functional Materials" Application ", and Teacher Wu Yanxue shared topics such as" Summary of the Construction of Microarea undefinedysis Room in undefinedysis and Testing Center ".