GDUT Held the "Excellence Plan" Innovation Salon and the Unveiling Ceremony of the Postgraduate Joint Training Base


On May 10, the unveiling ceremony of “GDUT·Yizumi Joint Training Postgraduate Base and the "Excellence Plan" Innovation Salon were successfully held in the Global Innovation Center of Yizumi Co., Ltd. Du Chengming, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of GDUT, Vice President, and heads of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the Graduate School participated in the event. Zhou Jun, deputy general manager and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Yizumi Co., Ltd., attended the event.

 At the meeting, Du Chengming introduced the development of GDUT, discipline construction, and personnel training, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the company for its strong support. He pointed out that GDUT and Yizumi Company have carried out close cooperation in project research and development and personnel training since 2016. The two parties have made full use of the advantages of key platforms and scientific research resources, and jointly undertaken a number of important projects to promote high-quality development of technological innovation and talent training. He expressed the hope that with the joint efforts of all parties, cooperation in industry-university-research applications and personnel training will be further strengthened. He hoped that students will cherish the opportunity, improve their ability in a solid manner, and achieve the goal of transferring research results in industry.

Zhou Jun introduced the company's general situation, application scenarios, development trends, etc., saying that the two sides have reached a high degree of agreement on the concept of personnel training and technological innovation. Drawing from his nearly 20 years of relevant practical experience, he shared industry-related professional knowledge and his understanding of the structural design and application scenarios of automotive lightweight aluminum and magnesium alloy metals, encouraging everyone to focus on scientific research and improve practical ability with down-to-earth attitude.

Focusing on the theme of "Pursuing Excellence and Leading the Future with Wisdom", this innovation salon provides postgraduates with the opportunity to exchange scientific research and practical experience with off-campus enterprises and outstanding postgraduates, and points out the direction for postgraduates on the road of scientific research.