Hu Qintai Surveyed and Directed the Work of General Education Center

On March 20th, Hu Qintai, secretary of the CPC GDUT Committee, went to the General Education Center to survey and guide the work.

Hu Qintai listened carefully to the report of the principal leaders of the the General Education Center on sorting out the work in the past year and the top items, measures and development paths for this year. Participants also discussed and exchanged views on general education curriculum system, education and teaching reform, performance appraisal and other related work.

    Hu Qintai fully affirmed the achievements of the General Education Center in the past year, agreed with the plan for this year, and put forward suggestions on the development direction of the General Education Center.

  Hu Qintai emphasized that, first, we should continue to promote the high-quality development of general education, deeply understand and grasp the essential connotation of general education under the background of new engineering, identify the functional orientation of service supporting the construction of high-level innovative universities in schools, strengthen education and teaching reform, build a scientific research platform, strengthen the construction of teaching staff, focus on creating a general education curriculum system with the characteristics of wide-ranging education, strive to produce high-level educational achievements, and build a leading "wide-ranging model" for innovative development of general education. Second, we must build a strong leadership team. The current leadership team should continue to carry forward the fine tradition of sincere unity and cooperation, work together for the cause, seek development with one heart and one mind, unite as one to promote harmony, continuously improve the service management level, and jointly manage and build the general education center. Third, we must do a good job in the construction of teachers, give full play to the role of people as key factors, closely focus on the connotation and extension of the development of general education, clarify the professional background of teachers, concise the direction of discipline development, set up discipline teams, and build the "four beams and eight pillars" of general education; It is necessary to lead high-quality development with high-quality party building, strengthen ideological guidance and value guidance, take responsibility and do good deeds, do a good job in people's livelihood, resolve problems and contradictions encountered in development in a timely manner, and unite and lead faculty and staff to jointly write a new chapter of high-quality development.

 After the symposium, Hu Qintai also visited the aesthetic education workshop, and put forward opinions and requirements on the creation of aesthetic education culture atmosphere and the implementation of education projects, demanding to actively integrate internal and external resources, and constantly make excellent and strong aesthetic education culture products.