The Number of First Prizes and the Total Awards Won by GDUT in the 7th College Students Art Exhibition in Guangdong Province Reached a New High


    Recently, the series of works selected and organized by the General Education Center and Cultural Quality Education Center of GDUT won good results in the "Seventh College Students Art Exhibition in Guangdong Province", winning 10 first prizes, 6 second prizes and 6 third prizes, including 8 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 5 third prizes in Group A (non-professional group), 2 first prizes and 4 second prizes in Group B (professional group)


Vocal  Performance

Drama Show

Symphony Performance

    The "Seventh College Students' Art Exhibition in Guangdong Province" is sponsored by the Education Department of Guangdong Province, featured with a wide range of activities and a large number of participants. A total of 704 art performance programs were submitted by colleges and universities in the province. After selection, 397 art performance programs from 98 colleges and universities participated in live performances, including vocal music, instrumental music, dance, drama and recitation, attracting more than 10,000 participants.