Broaden International Outlook, Promote Cultural Exchange, The 1st International Science and Innovation Camp of GDUT Closed Successfully

The first International Science and Innovation Camp (ISIC) of Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) was successfully held from January 2nd to 8th. 14 college students from Italy, UK, Russia, South Korea and 20 college students from Guangdong University of Technology were enrolled for a week-long immersion activities, including visit to high-tech enterprises, cultural experience and innovative workshop in Guangzhou and Foshan. On January 8th, the closing ceremony and summary sharing meeting was held at Innovation Hub of GDUT. Du Chengming, with Vice President International of GDUT; Zhang Xueli, Vice President of GDUT; Cai Hong, President of Overseas Student Management Association of Guangdong, and Dean of International Student Education Department of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; Feng Lixin, Dean of Dublin International School of Life Sciences and Technology of South China Agricultural University; and heads of relevant departments and departments of the school attending the event.


Group photo of Closing Ceremony

Du Chengming pointed out that the International Science and Innovation Camp is an important step to strengthen the opening to the world and to enrich the training mode of top-notch innovative talents. The successful holding of the ISIC marks an important achievement made by GDUT in promoting international exchange and science and technology education to the world. In addition, he stressed this ISIC has sown the seeds of openness and innovation and international friendship for Chinese and foreign campers, and hopes that they can continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation. GDUT will dedicate to expanding foreign exchanges and cooperation initiatives, build a new pattern of international operation with open measures, accelerate the pace of international cooperation, and build a high-level innovative university with distinctive characteristics, to become the first-class in China and around the world.


Speech of Du Chengming

Cai Hong congratulated GDUT on the success of the first International Science and Innovation Camp, and thanked the teachers and students who put lots of efforts for it. She pointed out that the Camp of GDUT had great significance as a demonstration project, building a bridge of friendship communication and mutual learning. By gathering innovation and entrepreneurship resources inside and outside the school, it promoted the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship education practice and international talent training as a whole. A good platform was provided for actively exploring the establishment of a new model and method of innovation and entrepreneurship education based on the Bay Area while facing the world as well. Cai Hong sent a message to the young campers to keep innovative thinking forever, carry forward the craftsman spirit and insist on exchanges and mutual learning.


Speech of Cai Hong

Colorful immersive activities from hands-on scientific and technological projects to cultural experience have left the campers deep impressionThey visited well-known enterprises such as Vipshop, Baidu, AION of GAC and Midea Corp., and got in-depth learning about the achievements of China's representative giants in each industry for their employment of cutting-edge technologies in the digital transformation, which highlighted the scientific and innovative feature of this Camp.


Visits to High-techs

From Yongqingfang and Xiguan to the Museum of the Mausoleum of the Southern Han Dynasty, from the night cruise of the Pearl River to the rural culture and art of Qingtian Village, and then to dip in the courses of traditional Chinese culture such as Guqin, tea culture and painting and calligraphy experience in the General Education Center, the campers' knowledge and understanding of Chinese traditional culture have been greatly improved.


Night cruise of Pearl River and Cultural Experience

The campers walked into the Innovation Hub of GDUT, got an exposure to the rich innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere on campus, and explored the scientific and technological innovation achievements of GDUT students. They got a probe into special drones, were captivated by the racing car FSAE Formula Team, and experimented with the VR video of the National Engineering Training Center. Visit to the photonic lab, and idea exchange during academic lectures also contributed to expanding their understanding of cutting-edge science and technology.


Lectures and Labs Visit

Gubin kwon, a camper from Dankook University in South Korea, said that this was a wonderful experience. Midea's automation factory and production line shocked me greatly, and the scene of seamless and efficient collaboration between mechanical arm and automatic robot is surely a typical epitome of China's high-tech manufacturing capability. Lorenzo Biasiolo, a camper from Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, recalled the unforgettable time this week. I deeply felt the emerging power of China in scientific and technological innovation. In Baidu and Vipshop, I saw that China's digital and artificial intelligence technology innovation and application are at the forefront of the world. In addition, the unique charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture also attracted me deeply. Yu Haihong, a Chinese camper from Guangdong University of Technology, said, This event gives me the opportunity to communicate with international students in depth, understand their culture, scientific and technological development and young people's lives in their countries, and broadened my international outlook. In the future, I will work harder to meet the requirements as international talents. At the summary sharing meeting, the representatives of the campers made a presentation to share their feelings and gains in the Camp, bringing back sweet memories during the stay.


Workshop sharing

At the closing ceremony, certificates of completion and awards were presented to outstanding campers, outstanding volunteers and outstanding organizational departments.



Certificate and Award presentation

The successful holding of the first International Science and Innovation Camp is of great significance for our school to further explore international cooperation and exchanges, to facilitate the integration and development of innovation and entrepreneurship education and international talents training. It is a beneficial attempt to tell the story of GDUT and spread Chinese cultural values. In the future, GDUT will adhere to the combination of "bringing in" and "going out", invite more overseas students to participate in international science and technology camps, and organize students of GDUT to participate in various innovation and entrepreneurship exchanges, training and competitions in famous foreign universities, so as to broaden students' international horizons and improve their competence. GDUT stays committed to the goal of becoming a high-level innovative university with distinctive characteristics, first-class in China and around the world, thus to contribute to promoting Chinese-style modernization.