Secretary HU in Exclusive Interview: GDUT’s Role in Empowering Education

        HU Qintai, Secretary of the CPC GDUT Committee, was recently in an exclusive interview with the magazine South, on GDUT’s practice in the process of building a strong country through education, a national strategic need.

   There stands a higher education institution on the shore of the Pearl River, which came into being when modernization was picking up speed; 59 years ago, more than 200 teachers and students joined the Dongshen Water Supply Project, leaving their papers in the history of the development of national water conservancy projects; It has fostered more than 500,000 professionals to society since the beginning of undergraduate education more than half a century ago.

        This is Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT), the eldest son of universities of science and engineering in Guangdong province.

       This year marks the 65th anniversary of undergraduate education for GDUT. Secretary HU said in the interview: We are closely serving the national strategic needs, supporting Guangdong in leading the Chinese-style modernization, and cultivating more competent successors with integrity for China. This is GDUT’s most convincing answer to the proposition of “what can education do in building a strong country?”.