​Best in History: GDUT Wins Second Place in Total Score of Men’s Team Group A in National University Track And Field Championship

From August 10th to 15th, the 21st National University Track and Field Championship hosted by Federation of University Sports of China and Chinese Athletics Association was held in Anhui Vocational and Technical College. More than 3,550 athletes from 390 universities participated in the competition, which has reached the largest and the highest competitive level since the event was launched. The school track and field team sent 10 athletes and 4 coaches, won 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze, 3 Fourth Prizes, the second place in the total score of men’s Team Group A and the third place in the total score of the men’s and women’s team of Group A, and broke the record in the school’s history of the total score of Group A.

In the competition, the members of the track and field team showed the competition spirit of daring to fight and win, constantly broke through their best results, and won gold and silver in each event.

The results of this competition cannot be achieved without the hard work of the team members and the coaching team. During the summer vacation, they kept training every day instead of resting so that the overall competitive ability of the track and field team was enhanced step by step through scientific training. The results also cannot be achieved without the care and strong support of the school leaders and relevant departments. They showed their deep concern to the team by paying visits and making investigations during the summer vacation.

Next, the track and field team will carefully summarize the experience and learn from the lessons in the competition, focus on the weak areas and parts, and strive for better results by constantly adjusting the specialized training and improving the efficiency of intensive training.