GDUT-Huawei Innovation Plan Science and Innovation Camp Launched

On the afternoon of July 25, the camp was officially launched in the Innovation Valley Integration Center, the national innovation and entrepreneurship education practice base of GDUT.

Vice President Zhang Xueli, represetatives of Huawei Technology Co., LTD., Guangdong Ministry of Industrial Development and Ecology, Guangzhou No.2 Middle School, Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Guangzhou University Town Management Committee, Guangzhou No.13 Middle School, Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Center, Guangzhou Education Bureau Scientific Research Department and other institutions attended the opening ceremony.

50 high school students from 11 middle schools, including South China Normal University Affiliated Middle School, Guangdong Experimental Middle School, Guangdong Guangya Middle School and Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School, with fruitful achievements in science and technology competition, participated in the 5-day GDUT-Huawei "Innovation Plan" science and innovation camp.

Zhang Xueli extended a warm welcome to all the guests, teachers and students. He hoped that all the campers would study hard and strive hard through various scientific and technological innovation exchange and practice. He presented the flag for the science and technology innovation camp, marking the official launch the GDUT-Huawei "Innovation Plan" Science and Innovation Camp.