Guangdong and Hong Kong together: Students from Developers’ Club of GDUT with HKUST students makes breakthrough in 2023 Hackathon competition

Recently, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2023 Hackathon competition (hackUST2023) has concluded. After competing with more than 600 participants from all over the world, the GIM Team, formed by CH Studio from the Innovation Valley of GDUT (the Digital&Intelligent City oriented team from the Developers’ Club of GDUT-Huawei) and students from HKUST Business School, becomes the only team in the mainland to enter the final, winning OKX Web 3.0 Master Awards (HK$30000) and hackUST Woman hacker Award (HK $5000). This is another success after the school won two special awards in the Hackathon competition in 2022.

CH Studio is an innovation and entrepreneurship team of the School of Civil and Transportation Engineering (the instructors are Professor Guo Yongchang and Associate Professor Lin Jiaxiang). In 2021, it entered the Innovation Valley of GDUT, a national innovation and entrepreneurship education practice base, and it was enrolled in the Digital&Intelligent City oriented teams from the Developers’ Club of GDUT-Huawei in 2023. It has completed more than 10 innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, published many papers and patents, and won more than 30 awards such as the Silver Award of the 8th China Internet + College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Industry Track and the Bronze Award of the final of the 13th “Challenge Cup” National College Students Entrepreneurship Competition. The team members are mainly recruited from the School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, the School of Management, the School of Art and Design, the School of Computer Science and so on, fully reflecting the characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship education --“interdisciplinary crossing and multi-professional integration”.

This international competition provides a broad stage for deepening the innovative and entrepreneurial exchanges and cooperation between the students of GDUT and HKUST and creates the opportunities and platform for broadening their international vision and improving their overall quality. As Ye Yongyu, a team member from HKUST, said, cooperating with different professional students from GDUT is a unique experience, an opportunity for collision of thought, and also an opportunity for learning from different angles. Thank every member of the team for his or her hard work and dedication. I hope we can carry forward this spirit and fearlessly face the challenges in the future life”.Ji Dezhi, the team leader, also excitedly said, “at the scene of the final, we appreciate the works full of imagination and creativity created by the teams from various universities at home and abroad, which broadens our innovative thinking and international vision.We can stand out this time, which inspires our confidence in showing ourselves on a broader international stage in the future.

HackUST is a global competition initiated and organized by HKUST. It aims to provide a competitive platform for students with different skills around the world to stimulate their innovative ideas and enable them to propose solutions to the theme, so as to cultivate their innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. After eight years of development, hackUST has become one of the most popular Hackathons among college students around the world.

At the invitation of HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of GDUT, as the support unit again for HKUST Hackathon competition (hackUST2023) (the only support unit in the mainland), organized students to win prizes again in the competition, which is a beneficial exploration and effective measure to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents through the cooperation between GDUT and Hong Kong&Macao universities. The College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will strengthen the interaction of innovation and entrepreneurship education with HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, improve students’ level and ability to participate in international competitions, and strive to achieve better results in the next Hackathon competition. At the same time, GDUT will continue to deepen and expand the cooperation and exchanges with universities in Hong Kong and Macao and create a characteristic model of cooperation and education among universities in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.