The 3rd National Photon Technology Forum Kicks Off

In order to promote the domestic academic exchanges in the field of photonics, strengthen the win-win cooperation between Industry-University-Research-Application and regions and promote photonic technology research to better serve the national strategic and economic development, under the guidance of Information Science Department of NSFC,  "the 3rd National Photon Technology Forum” was grandly held at Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center from March 31 to April 3, 2023, which was jointly sponsored by Guangdong University of Technology and the main universities from from the Greater Bay Area and hosted by the Editorial Department of Science China, the Editorial Department of Light: Science&Applications, Chinese Journal of Lasers and so on. More than 1.000 experts, scholars, teachers and students from the field of photon participated in the forum, ranging from more than 120 domestic universities,research institutions to companies such as Huawei, YOFC and Lingyun.

Main Venue of the Third National Photon Technology Forum

The forum was solemnly opened on April 1. On behalf of the host, Professor Qiu Xueqing, the president of Guangdong University of Technology delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He thanked all the participants for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit Guangzhou, discuss discipline planning, seek academic development and build academic platforms. He showed his expectations towards all the experts to give full play to their professional advantages in the field of photonic technology and discipline expertise, jointly promote the progress and development of photonic technology and make more brilliant achievements in the field of photonic technology.

Qiu Xueqing delivers a speech

Qin Yuwen delivers a welcome speech

Professor Qin Yuwen of GDUT delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. Professor Yang Jun of GDUT hosted the opening ceremony. Academician Gu Ying, president of Chinese Optical Society, Academician Dai Qionghai, president of Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, Academician Zhang Ping of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Academician Luo Yi of Tsinghua University respectively delivered wonderful invited reports on the conference.

The forum set up six topics: optical sensing and its application, optical communication and optical network, laser technology and application, new optoelectronic devices, microwave terahertz photonics and optoelectronic technology, optical display and optical information processing. More than 300 scholars and nearly 400 teachers and students made oral reports. The venue was packed and the participants were enthusiastic. The wonderful reports of all the scholars fully demonstrated the latest achievements of Chinas photonic technology in the field of theoretical innovation and engineering practice.