GDUT&HUAWEI Kunpeng & Ascend Developers' Club Officially Launched

The launching ceremony of GDUT-HUAWEI Kunpeng & Ascend Developers Club was held at the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center for Education and Application - Integration Center of GDUT Innovation Hub last Friday on March 10. Zhang Xueli, Vice President, and Gong Yan, Senior Director of Kunpeng Ecological Development Department of Huawei Technologies delivered speeches.

President Zhang stressed that promoting the Kunpeng & Ascend Developers Club is the most important task on innovation and entrepreneurship for the school this year. It helps introducing industrial resources and teachers based on Huawei's eco-technologies into students fostering, accelerating their transition from theoretical studies to real practice and innovative research.

GDUT has put the Club at the front and center, which provides a solid guarantee for its launching." Gong commented that it operates on the Projects + Contests + Training model with proper measures. Huawei will introduce computing training programs later, and select tutors to cultivate students real-life competence.

Attendees including directors, guests, tutor and student representatives witnessed the official launching of GDUT-HUAWEI Kunpeng & Ascend Developers Club at the ceremony.

Afterward, the school will invite experts from Huawei, tutors and alumni to offer to students lectures, salons among other activities centered on the computing industry, so as to pique them interest in participation and recruit like-minded students from interdisciplinary backgrounds to join in. Offline activities are scheduled every month, and online resources focus on growing their developers abilities with the help of Kunpeng and Ascend communities. GDUT works to bring in real projects and needs of Huawei and its eco-enterprises; It also plans to jointly hold competitions with the companies. During the summer vacation, an exchange camp for college students from Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao has been scheduled.

GDUT will race to have the Club operative in high-quality, making it an example of integration of industry and education in terms of new talent training models in China for others reference. We aim to improve the quality of teaching and fostering to shape innovative talents.