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Guangzhou Holds 2022 China Digital Economy Talent Training Exchange Seminar

author:  Times:Jul 12, 2022 15:15  Edit:

"China Digital Economy Talent Training and Exchange Seminar" sponsored by the National Digital Economy Education Development Alliance and hosted by Guangdong University of Technology was held in Guangzhou on July 3rd.

Professor Du Chengming, Vice President of Guangdong University of Technology, and Professor Li Tao, Assistant President of Central University of Finance and Economics, attended the forum and delivered speeches. Prof. Du said that innovation-driven digital economy is essentially talent-driven. Without the support of large-scale talent cultivation, it would be empty word to pursue development in digital economy.

Focused on the cultivation of digital economy talents, the seminar highlights two topics: textbooks on digital economy and cultivation of digital economy talents.

Drawing on engineering strength and deep integration, School of Economics and Trade at Guangdong University of Technology, demonstrate its own features in cultivating outstanding economics and trade students. Digital economy major was established in 2021 and started enrollment. The school also offers a master’s degree program in Applied Economics and a doctoral degree in Digital Economy System Optimization, creating an integrated training system from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees.