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GDUT and City University of Macau Cooperated to Build The First Innovation and Entrepreneurship Integration Service Center of Guangdong and Macao

author:  Times:Apr 12, 2022 14:49  Edit:

On March 28, the unveiling ceremony of the first Innovation and Entrepreneurship Integration Service Center of Guangdong and Macao co-established by GDUT and City University of Macau was held in the campus of City University of Macau.

The two universities cooperated to establish a new talent training model oriented by innovation and entrepreneurship, building an innovation and entrepreneurship base in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which is also the first innovation and entrepreneurship integration service center for college students in Guangdong and Macao. Liu Jun, president of City University of Macau, Vice President Zhou Wanlei, Vice President Chen Junba, and Luan Tiangang, vice president of Guangdong University of Technology attended the event.

Liu Jun expressed his warm welcome to Luan Tiangang’s visit. He said both sides were committed to cultivating highly-qualified, innovative, applied, and practical talents and attached great importance to integration development to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation.

Vice President Luan Tiangang said that the construction of the innovation entrepreneurship base of Greater Bay Area is the core task and one of the main direction of the "1 + 2 + 3" Climbing Plan of GDUT. He put forward four perspectives for the cooperation in innovation and entrepreneurship talents: to build a high ground for highly-qualified talents; to promote the development of higher education in the Greater Bay Area; to promote the integrated growth of young people in Guangdong and Macao; and to build a integrated service center for innovation and entrepreneurship.Liu Jun and Luan Tiangang signed the cooperation agreement on innovation and entrepreneurship talent training on behalf of both sides, and inaugurated the innovation and entrepreneurship Integration Service Center.