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President Qiu Xueqing Visited Macao Universities

author:  Times:Jan 14, 2022 16:40  Edit:

On January 5 and 6, President Qiu Xueqing and Vice President Yu Lin visited City University of Macau and Macau University of Science and Technology. This visit was warmly received by Liu Jun, president of City University of Macau, and Li Xingwei, president of Macau University of Science and Technology.

During the visit, President Qiu Xueqing made a general introduction of GDUT and emphasized on the internationalization strategy with scientific and technological innovation and had in-depth discussions on cross-integration development and joint training of talents. The Macao universities expressed their will to future cooperate with GDUT in discipline construction, postgraduate joint training, scientific research cooperation, faculty exchange, innovation and entrepreneurship platform construction to build a role model of education of the Greater Bay Area.

This visit was happened during the key construction stage of the "1 + 2 + 3 Discipline Climbing Plan Project” and has achieved fruitful results. It has laid a solid foundation to further promote the joint talent training program of the Greater Bay Area and create extenstive cooperation opportunities for the development of discipline and talent projects.

President Qiu Xueqing with Liu Jun, President of City University of Macau

Meeting with Macau University of Science and Technology