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The President of GDUT Accepted an Exclusive Interview with Yangcheng Evening News

author:  Times:Jul 8, 2021 11:12  Edit:

Recently, Professor Qiu Xueqing, the president of GDUT, accepted an exclusive interview with Yangcheng Evening News, illustrating the rapid development of GDUT in recent years.


In the interview, Qiu mainly talked about the development of GDUT, its management, its characteristics and alumni. He pointed out that GDUT deeply integrated with the local economy and society. The rapid development of GDUT in recent years is inseparable from the strong demand for talents and Guangdong's industrial transformation and upgrading.


Jieyang Campus of GDUT will start to recruit students this Fall, and it will be built into a high-level new campus. GDUT attaches great importance to internationalization. The School of International Education as an innovative pilot for international education, introduces international teachers, supporting the construction and development of first-class disciplines so as to promote the all-round development of students.


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