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Officials from MOST Came to GDUT to Investigate Science and Technology Cooperation with Japan and Korea

author:  Times:Apr 22, 2021 10:16  Edit:

On the morning of April 13, Jiang Xiaoping, a first-class investigator from Division of Asian and African Affairs from Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Science and Technology MOST, came to GDUT to investigate the development of international science and technology cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea. Yang Huifang, Director of the Cooperation and Exchange Division of Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province accompanied the investigation. Vice President Luan Tiangang, heads of departments such as Institute of Science, Technology and Humanities, International Office, and representative professors of GDUT attended the meeting.


Jiang Xiaoping introduced the background information and purpose of this investigation, hoping to strengthen mutual communication and actively explore the technical needs and patterns of international scientific and technological cooperation, and to expand new thinking of scientific collaboration.


On behalf of GDUT, Luan Tiangang welcomed Jiang Xiaoping and his delegation, and introduced the overall situation and characteristics of GDUT. He further pointed out that GDUT has strengthened International exchanges in science and technology in recent years, which has effectively promoted the rapid development of its scientific and technological innovation.


At the meeting, Liu Xin introduced the GDUT’s current situation of both scientific and technological innovation and its cooperation with Japan and Korea. Based on the experiences on  cooperation and academic exchange, representative professors demonstrated the current research cooperation model and the achievements. The participants also had a enthusiastic discussion on the problems facing the international cooperation and put forward valuable suggestions.


Jiang Xiaoping highly appreciated the work and efforts made by GDUT in the international scientific and technological cooperation, and emphasized the relevant information about the China-Japan and China-Korea collaboration. It is hoped that our university will further strengthen international communication and actively cooperate with key universities and research institutes abroad in various forms to promote GDUT’s scientific and technological innovation ability to a higher level.