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Global Partnership

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International exchanges and cooperation have played an important role in the development of GDUT. For years, the university has made great efforts to promote through various channels the cooperation and exchanges between GDUT and universities, institutions and enterprises of different nations and regions. Currently, the University has established cooperation and exchanges with over 150 universities enterprises and institutions in countries and regions such as America, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand and other places. The cooperation and exchanges have been carried out through various channels such as advanced training, research cooperation, students exchange programs, teaching staff exchange programs, joint educational programs, and international conference joint programs, etc. Meanwhile, we also play an active role in promoting educational cooperation between governments.

As a key university of Guangdong Province, we endeavor to make a contribution to local economic growth by making good use of our teaching and research resources. Up to now, we have taken on many national and local research projects, many of which are carried out by cooperating with universities and research institutes of other countries and regions in the world. Some joint laboratories and joint Research and Development centers have been set up where satisfactory research and development results have been achieved.

To promote international scientific and cultural cooperation and exchanges, we avail ourselves of the latest research ideas and achievements in the most technologically advanced societies by means of hosting, or participating in, international conferences and seminars, and by frequently inviting foreign scholars and scientists to give lectures and take part in a series of academic activities in the university. We also send out our teaching and research staff to foreign universities to give lectures, take part in training courses and participate in cooperated research programs. These cooperation and exchange activities not only bring about new teaching methodology and research findings, but also fresh research ideas and concepts in different fields of study.

The communication between the students of our university and universities in different nations and regions is realized through student exchange programs and various kinds of cultural exchange activities. Besides, we also take in overseas students and try our best to provide them with a favorable study environment.