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GDUT’s International Student Wins Prize in China Daily Themed Activities

author:  Times:Nov 22, 2022 15:40  Edit:

KARIM SALMA, a Moroccan undergraduate of class 2020 in Guangdong University of Technology, recently won the Merit Award with her short video entitled Why China? (Instructor: Ye Jiayi) in the themed activities on My Campus Story sponsored by China Daily. Since its launch in April this year, the event has received 1,078 documents and 396 short videos from 115 countries and regions. Among award-winning works, 46 are videos, and Why China? is the only one from colleges and universities in Guangdong province.

In it, KARIM SALMA tells about her profound cultural experience during her study and life in China. Its novel content shows a lovely image of China that integrate tradition and modernity, and her love for Chinese culture.