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RMB 1M Prize to Reveal at 11th Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition’s Final

author:  Times:Nov 8, 2022 15:00  Edit:

The final of the 11th Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition in Guangdong fell on October 29th to November 1st, sponsored by the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and organized by Guangdong University of Technology, attracting global design partners in the industry, university, and research sectors. It also admitted overseas entries for the first time.

A total of 36,567 valid entries have been collected from home and abroad, among which 876 works reached the final, competing for 3 diamond awards, 6 golds, 9 silvers, 12 bronzes, 10 in each of the four categories including most popular award, most innovative, green design, and most potential, as well as 806 merit awards.

This year’s Governor Cup set the highest ever standards of reward: the highest prize of diamond award(one recipient) in the Product group is RMB 1 million, and RMB 500,000 in the Concept and the Industry groups(one in each).