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Cooperation with Companies Brings GDUT Another Outstanding Award

author:  Times:Oct 24, 2022 15:00  Edit:

The 10th Macao International Innovation and Invention Expo 2022 took place in Macao Science Center, joined by inventors from more than 50 provinces and regions, and 23 countries, with nearly 500 works. A team of 110 experts and academics from around the world chose from the entries altogether 12 Outstanding Awards in each group. The “AI independent mapping electrocardiograph based on domestic chips” developed by the Institute of Intelligent Information Processing at GDUT to meet corporate needs won the prize.

Led by Professor Xie Shengli, Director of the Institute and Foreign Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, this new product was made possible by Xie Kan, Lv Jun, Yang Qiyu among others, members of the Institute’s Smart Medical Group. Professor Xie commented that in the face of a complicated competitive environment on science among countries, university researchers should step forward and work with businesses to help China’s leading companies scale up their international competitiveness.

Xie Kan, who represented our school and the team, said at the theme forum of the Expo that Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a national development strategy, and scientific innovation is the first driving force to boost it. The team will continue to watch the competitiveness of Chinese businesses, while improve its own innovative competence on all fronts to meet local needs and serve the national strategy.