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GDUT Adds Three Provincial Social Science Educational Sites

author:  Times:Oct 11, 2022 10:30  Edit:

Guangdong University of Technology has been approved to make its Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Design Culture Educational Site, Lingnan Clothes Educational Site, and Ecological Civilization Educational Site as provincial social science educational sites.

Led by the School of Art and Design, GHM Design Culture Educational Site dives into the profound GHM design culture to inherit the craftsmanship and aestheticism. Academic seminars, forums, design competitions, exhibitions, and workshops are launched every year to promote the inheritance and innovation of the design culture in universities, serving its educational purposes to the society.

Lingnan Clothes Educational Site is based on the schools integration of engineering and art through the research platform for the inheritance and innovation of Lingnan traditional clothing culture. It leverages our academic strengths in engineering to promote Lingnan clothes.

Ecological Civilization Educational Site is built with the help from the School of Ecological Environment and Resources. Aimed to raise public awareness of environmental protection and foster good habits, through campus activities, it capitalizes on our strengths in engineering, teams of national professionals, and strong foundation of relevant education to form such a combination of practice and teaching.