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First international "digital intelligent stethoscope" developed by GDUT approved to enter medical device market

author:  Times:Sep 19, 2022 10:30  Edit:

The first international "digital intelligent stethoscope" with heart-lung sound separation function, developed by the smart medical group under the intelligent information processing team led by Professor Xie Shengli from the School of Automation, also foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, received approval in the form of National Medical Device Registration Certificate, ready to enter China's medical device market and the EU’s.

Associate Professor Xie Kan, head of the smart medical group, along with Associate Professor Lv Jun, software designer, and Associate Professor Yang Qiyu, hardware designer, capitalized on front-line medical practitioners experience as well as AI and innovative software and hardware designing to achieve in-depth medical-engineering-industrial integration. It steps on traditional stethoscopes’ 200-year history to lay foundation for more digital and intelligent devices.