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Analysis and Test Center of GDUT contributes to breakthrough in Chang'e-5’s lunar soil research

author:  Times:Sep 15, 2022 10:00  Edit:

Water (OH/H2O) is widely found on lunar surface by remote sensing. However, due to the lack of direct sample analysis, its cause and distribution have been controversial.

A team led by Tang Hong and Li Xiongyao from Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences recently found a large amount of water caused by solar wind in the mineral surface layer of Chang'e-5 after research into the soil samples. Guangdong University of Technology, as a cooperative research unit, participated in the test and analysis of the samples, supported by Wu Yanxue from the undefinedysis and Test Center.

This study confirms that the minerals on the lunar surface are an important "reservoir" of water, providing important references for the distribution of water in the mid-latitude area. The breakthrough has been published in Nature Communications, an international journal. (Link: