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Announcement of the Extension of Deadline for Works Collection of the 11th "Governor Cup" Industrial Design Competition of Guangdong Province

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The 11th "Governor Cup" Industrial Design Competition of Guangdong Province, hosted by Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province and organized by Guangdong University of Technology, is in full swing. Since the start of the collection of works for this competition, it has received active participation and contributions from domestic and foreign design teams, individuals, enterprises, and design institutions. The Organizing Committee and the University would like to express sincere thanks to all the participants and organizers!

During the submission of works, we received feedback from some prefecture-level competition areas and special competition organizers that the submission of works by some design teams, enterprises or design institutions has been delayed to varying degrees due to the epidemic. It is difficult for participants to have sufficient preparation time to submit more high-quality works. After a thorough study and application for permission, the deadline for work submission has been extended from the end of May 2022 to 24:00 on June 15, 2022. The time for work review and result announcement of the semi-finals remains unchanged. The launch time of the follow-up-related activities will be released in a timely manner through official channels such as the official website and account of the competition organizing committee. The competition’s official website is

1. About the competition

The “Governor Cup” Industrial Design Competition of Guangdong Province is the first competition in China named after the provincial chief executive. After years of development, it has become one of the most industrial and influential design competitions in China and is an important platform for Guangdong Province to explore high-quality resources and outstanding projects, and it has a good supporting and leading role in promoting the development of industrial design in Guangdong.

In 2022, the 11th “Governor Cup” Industrial Design Competition aims to select outstanding industrial design works that can promote the innovative development of industrial design and support the high-quality development of manufacturing industries in the province. The Competition can be divided into three stages: preliminary stage, semi-final stage and final stage, though the industrial design group will be divided into preliminary stage and final stage only due to limited entries. Preliminary stage competition areas will be defined as cities at the prefecture-level and above and 1 direct provincial division and 1 overseas division. The direct provincial division will apply to cities directly under or outside Guangdong Province where there are no defined competition areas, while the overseas division will include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as foreign areas. Product design works and conceptual design works will be categorized into 8 Semi-finals, including: new IT, equipment manufacturing, security emergency healthcare and eco-friendly products, furniture, CMF, modern light industry and textile products, digital innovations and IT services, and comprehensive designs. All these categories will have respective contests and 20% of excellent works will be selected respectively and recommended to the final. All works recommended by the semi-finals will be reviewed separately in the product design group, the conceptual design group and the industrial design group, and then prize winners of the competition will be selected finally among them.

2. Competition Organizations

Sponsor: Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province

Organizer: Guangdong University of Technology

Supporters: Industrial Culture Development Center of MIIT, World Green Design Organization (WGDO), China Industrial Design Association (CIDA), Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, Guangdong Equity Trading Center

Co-organizers: Department of Industry and Information Technology of all the cities in Guangdong Province, related Industrial Design Associations, universities such as Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

The submission website for the competition:

Media supporters

Foreign media: GLOBAL FASHION CHANNEL, Dayflash, THE-DOTS, Instagram, Youtube

Domestic media:

CCTV News, Guangdong Economic Science and Education Channel, Nanfang Daily App(Southern Plus), Guangzhou Daily, , Xinhuanet Guangdong, News),, News, Guangdong, News, Guangdong, MEIA App, Visual China,, Design Home, China Industry News Network(, Guangdong Industrial Design

3. Theme and Purpose of the Competition

With the theme of “New Design • New Development • New Pattern”, this competition focuses on the construction of strategic industrial clusters in our province, and focuses on “strengthening cores, building pillars, enhancing chains, optimizing layout, improving quality, and cultivating soil” to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. “Six major projects”, accelerate the improvement of industrial design innovation capabilities, lead manufacturing and consumption with design, actively play the supporting and leading role of industrial design, further build the “Guangdong Design” brand, and promote the construction of advanced manufacturing bases and innovation clusters.

4. Participants in the Competition

This competition is open to the public. Enterprises, institutions, colleges, individuals or teams from home and abroad can choose to participate in sub-competition areas as participating units. There are no restrictions on nationality and household registration, but the same work cannot be submitted repeatedly. In principle, all entries must be original works completed after July 1, 2020, with complete intellectual property rights and strong industrialization characteristics. All entries will be submitted on the official website designated by the competition.

5. Procedures and Arrangements

Preliminary stage: March 2022—June 2022

Semi-final stage: July 2022—August 2022

Final stage: August 2022—September 2022

Summarize and commendation stage: End of November 2022

Branding stage: September 2022 December 2023