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[] Guangdong boosts cooperation with five Mekong countries

author:  Times:May 6, 2022 15:18  Edit:

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of LMC, which is a new-type sub-regional cooperation mechanism featuring extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits among the riparian, or riverside states.

According to Mr. Vu Viet Anh, Consul General of Vietnam in Guangzhou, for 6 years of establishment and development, LMC has achieved encouraging results, notably that the 6 countries have developed action plans in five priority areas. Specialized cooperation centers have been established. More than 500 cooperation projects have been implemented, covering trade, industry, agriculture, tourism, water resource management, environment, health and culture.  

“Amidst the context of COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a profound impact on the socio-economic in the region and around the world, the LMC countries have made utmost efforts to further strengthen and deepen cooperation.” Said Mr. Viengsamay Phasaleumsouk, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Department of Vientiane Capital, Laos.

Mr. Vu Viet Anh added that, despite the difficult situation of COVID-19, Vietnam became China's 4th largest trading partner in last year, with two-way trade turnover reaching 230 billion USD, up by 19.7% on a year-on-year basis.

Statistics from China-Asean Chamber of Agricultural Commerce show that in 2021, trade between China and the five Mekong countries reached 398 billion USD, registering an increase of around 23 percent. It has made positive contributions to promoting the economic recovery of the countries, as well as prosperity and revitalization of the region.

According to Qian, last year, the total export-import volume between Guangdong and the five Mekong countries (about 82.3 billion USD) accounts for around one-fifth of the total between China and the Mekong countries, ranking first in the country.

Guangdong and the five Mekong countries have established mature cooperation mechanisms and platforms. The two sides have established 4 pairs of sister cities on the provincial level and 5 pairs of cities with friendly relationships on the municipal level.

Besides, Guangdong and five Mekong countries boast a solid foundation of people-to-people exchanges.

Since 2017, Shenzhen has joined its local non-governmental forces and the governments, think tanks and non-governmental organizations of five Mekong countries to push forward LMC, with three major projects launched.

 The week between March 21 and 27 marks the fifth Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Week of 2022. This year, more than 20 central government agencies and over 10 provinces and cities on the Chinese side hold over 80 diverse activities including youth exchanges, forums of think tanks, movie shows and events on rural revitalization.

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