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The Students Staying on Campus During the Winter Holiday are not Lonely

author:  Times:Feb 23, 2021 11:31  Edit:

As the lunar new year approaches, the Student Affairs Department and many schools organize the students who stay on campus during the winter holiday, including ethnic minority students, to have activities such as reunion dinner and Spring Festival party, so as to create a happy and warm festival atmosphere and talk about the new year vision.

On February 5, GDUT prepared a "Happy New Year's Reunion Dinner" for ethnic minority students in the fourth dining hall of the university town campus. Xu Zehao, director of the Student Affairs Department, Deng Qinghua, deputy director of the Student Affairs Department, Li Xingping, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, and all the teachers of the Education Management Office of Ethnic Minority Students gathered with more than 20 ethnic minority students to share the new year's reunion dinner and welcome the new year.