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Department of Education of Guangdong Province Guide the Laboratory Safety Work of GDUT

author:  Times:Feb 21, 2021 10:04  Edit:

On the morning of February 2, Zheng Yaokui, deputy director of Guangdong Education Equipment Center, and Chen Liang, head of higher education department, visited GDUT to guide laboratory safety. The head of the Laboratory and Equipment Management Department of our university received the inspection team.

The inspection team visited the School of Light Industry and Chemical Engineering, the School of Materials and Energy, the School of Environmental Science and Engineering to carry out inspections, and investigate the construction of information construction and management, video surveillance technology management, and so on. Fang Yanxiong, director of the Laboratory and Equipment Management Department, introduced the relevant work of GDUT. Laboratory safety management relies on information technology to realize the whole life cycle management of purchasing, using, bookkeeping and dangerous waste disposal of dangerous chemicals, establish laboratory hazard source identification management, laboratory grading management, experimental project risk assessment, and monitoring video pilot construction.