Consul General of the Republic of Senegal in Guangzhou Visited GDUT
Consul General of the Republic of Senegal in Guangzhou Visited GDUT
Published:Consul General of the Republic of Senegal in Guangzhou Visited GDUT

On the afternoon of July 2, Consul General MOUHAMADOU EI Bachir Diak of the Republic of Senegal in Guangzhou, Deputy Consul Rougui Mbaye visited GDUT and Senegalese students in our university. Luan Tiangang, Vice President of GDUT, met with the guests. The two sides exchanged views on promoting joint scientific research and international student training between Senegalese universities and GDUT.


Luan Tiangang extended warm welcome to the guests. He said that GDUT attaches great importance to international student education. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the university has always put the health and safety of all teachers and students in the first place, including international students. Chinese and foreign students are treated equally. The Chinese government also attaches particular importance to international students in China. President Xi Jinping sent a letter to international students in May to express his care about them. Luan pointed out that GDUT will further strengthen educational exchanges and cooperation with Senegal institutions in the future to promote cultural exchanges between the two sides.


MOUHAMADOU EI Bachir Diak expressed his sincere thanks to GDUT for its care for Senegalese students during the epidemic. He said that the purpose of his visit is to learn about the life and study of Senegalese students, as well as take this opportunity to promote the exchange and cooperation in education, science and technology with GDUT. He pointed out that the engineering strength of GDUT is in line with the development strategy and talent demand of Senegal. He hopes that both sides will play an active role in science and technology exchange, international student training and the construction of sisterhood cities between Dakar and Guangzhou.


At the meeting, HAWILI HAMZA(Hao Li), a Senegalese undergraduate, reported on his learning and life during the epidemic period, and expressed his gratitude to GDUT for the thoughtful care.