GDUT responds enthusiastically to President Xi Jinping's reply to overseas students
GDUT responds enthusiastically to President Xi Jinping's reply to overseas students
Published:GDUT responds enthusiastically to President Xi Jinping's reply to overseas students

On the morning of May 22th, Vice President Luan Tiangang hosted a meeting in Room 1005, Building 4, Dongfeng Road Campus, together with the representatives of international students from GDUT to study President Xi Jinping's reply to a letter from Pakistani students studying in the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB).


At the meeting, Luan Tiangang, on behalf of GDUT, extended welcome to international students and delivered a speech entitled "Striving for the construction of a community of shared future for mankind" . He pointed out that President Xi's reply to Pakistani students at USTB on May 17th was concise and comprehensive, but rich in content, which truly reflected the great importance attached by Chinese leaders to foreign students in China. Since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, the Chinese government and the Chinese people have been ensuring the safety of everyone in China in accordance with the strictest pandemic prevention policy. The GDUT has always put the health and lives of all teachers and students first, and treat international students the same as Chinese nationals, making no exception in offering them care. He also expressed gratitude to international students for their support to the Chinese people in various ways during China's fight against COVID-19, such as Egyptian students donating masks and Mozambican students donating blood.


Senegalese undergraduate HAWILI HAMZA shared his letter: Dear President Xi, I admire you very much. You have contributed so much, not only to the Chinese people, but also to the other countries. I like China,he said, “I also like the teachers at GDUT. They have provided all-round help for me.


Miro DE Nelio Salvador Tucua, a doctoral student from Mozambique, said that the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the cultural differences made it hard for him to understand the situation at the beginning. But when he felt frightened and wanted to return to his motherland, it was the teachers at GDUT who comforted his uneasiness and helped him to continue his stay in China. Therefore, he was sincerely grateful to the teachers and the university.


KONGA MOANDA GLOIRE, a postgraduate student from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was in GDUT since 2012. He especially thanked the Chinese government and the university for what they had done for the students during the pandemic prevention. Although there were sometimes misunderstandings due to cultural differences, mutual trust can be enhanced through communication.


Head of the International Office, head of the International Education Center, and teacher representatives attended the meeting.