A Letter to The Foreign Teachers
A Letter to The Foreign Teachers
Published:A Letter to The Foreign Teachers

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is gradually being controlled in China due to the joint efforts of all Chinese people and foreign friends, who strictly to comply with the relevant laws and regulations for China's epidemic prevention and control. The University has been being very concerned about your health during the outbreak as well, and we would like to reiterate and appeal once again:

1. Wear masks consciously in public and do not participate in crowd gathering activities. In case of fever, dry cough and other symptoms, please inform us immediately and go to the fever clinic of the hospital in time to protect yourself and your family's health;

2. Please strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of China and your country on the epidemic situation of pneumonia. If you refuse to implement them, or even disturb the order of epidemic prevention, or endanger public health and safety, the relevant departments will investigate the legal responsibility according to law;

3. Please strictly follow the teaching arrangement and other regulations of Guangdong University of technology during the period of prevention and control of pneumonia;

4. The apartments provided by Guangdong University of technology are only used for teachers' personal living and shall not be used for other purposes. During the epidemic, the campus was closed, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to visit or live in Teachers' apartments.

Thank you for your cooperation, support and understanding!