A Letter to Our Global Partners
A Letter to Our Global Partners
Published:A Letter to Our Global Partners

Dear Partners,

We are writing on behalf of all members of Guangdong University of Technology to express our support to your staff, students and their families as you are dealing with the coronavirus developing all over the world.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we are always concerned about its development. At present, the epidemic in China has been brought under control by taking active and rapid measures. The scientific research teams of our university have promoted scientific and technological research in related fields, and successfully developed Nanofiber respirator filter, nucleic coronavirus test kits, technology of rapidly improve the productivity of ultrasonic welding system, intelligent digital stethoscopes, wireless handheld color ultrasound,  etc., in cooperation with some scientific research institutions, providing strong technical support for the fight against the epidemic.

We know this is a very challenging time. The sudden novel coronavirus epidemic has changed the way we live and the pace of our work, but it could not change the way we care about each other. Your university is a valuable partner of Guangdong University of Technology to work together. Difficult times call for friends to support one another. In this spirit, I would like you to know that we are taking every possible action to support you.

At the same time, we are also concerned about our students studying in your university. As we have contacted with them to assure they are safe and healthy, we also hope you give them more attention and guidance, so that they can get through this special period living alone abroad.

We live in one world and share the same moon. We do hope that this situation resolves soon and resume our further intensive cooperation.


With kindest regards


Yours sincerely,

Guangdong University of Technology