Scientific Research To Combat The Coronavirus
Scientific Research To Combat The Coronavirus
Published:Scientific Research To Combat The Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, Guangdong University of Technology has carried out scientific research to combat the epidemic, providing strong technical support for the fight against the coronavirus.

The National Key Laboratory of Precision Electronic Manufacturing Technology and Equipment has developed the production equipment of nanofiber electrostatic spinning and the nanofiber filter membrane of medical mask. It can produce 300,000 antibacterial and bactericidal mask membrane materials every day. The mask products have antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties with antibacterial performance up to 99%. The team is currently upgrading the equipment and striving to meet the production demand of 2 million masks per day.

The Intelligent Information Processing Team of School of Automation has successfully developed an intelligent digital stethoscope. The stethoscope realizes the separation of stethoscope head and stethoscope end. Doctors can stethoscope patients online or offline, which can greatly enhance the safety of medical staff. The auscultation head is easy to be sterilized and replaced, which also avoids contact among the patients in the fever clinic.

Professor Wang Chengyong's research team, together with Huizhuang Corporate have increased the capacity of ultrasonic welding system in a short period of time, and guaranteed the production of important epidemic prevention materials. At present, the production capacity of the ultrasonic welding system of Huizhuan has been greatly increased, which is speeding up the production by 40%.

Professor Wang Chengyong of mechanical and electrical engineering college and the enterprise deepen the cooperation of production, teaching and research around ultrasonic processing, urgently cooperate to deepen and upgrade relevant technologies, and rapidly improve the capacity of ultrasonic welding system in a short period of time.

The intelligent compensation and control technology for flexible material processing deformation developed by Professor Deng Yaohua greatly improves the production efficiency and precision of the intelligent cutting machine for flexible materials (including medical textile materials, biological materials, etc.), providing a full guarantee for large-scale production of protective materials.