Educational Development Fundation
Educational Development Fundation
Published:Educational Development Fundation

As a non profit organization in the realm of higher education, the GDUT Education Development Foundation was registered with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. The foundation aims at promoting the development of GDUT, enhancing its teaching and academic research through means of strengthening the tie between GDUT and social networks and soliciting national and international support or donation from either groups or individuals.

The foundation will undertake and manage donations from all circles of society to support GDUT’s educational cause, academic and teaching research, and excellent teachers, to assist teachers studying abroad or participate in international academic collaborations or conferences, to reward excellent students and provide financial aid for needy students, as well as to improve teaching facilities including university buildings, equipment and libraries. As to the donations made to serve specific ends, they will be designated at the liberty of the contributors. Guided by its principle to gather tiny drops to make great difference, the foundation has been active, since its establishment, in making and implementing fund raising action plans and acting as a bond between GDUT and the society. It has thus encouraged more and more social elites to express their concern and support for GDUT, widened the channel for the incoming fund to run the university and therefore made contributions to the sustainable development of the university.

The University Education Development Foundation expresses heartfelt gratitude to the alumni and friends from all circles of society who have always cared about and supported the university’s growth. The foundation sincerely hopes that the alumni and all friends will strive, for the future of GDUT.

Donations can be remitted to the following address:

Address: No. 100 Waihuan Xi Road, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R.China

Post Code: 510006

Tel: 86-20-39322316

Fax: 86-20-39322316

Payee: GDUT University Education Development Foundation

Sender’s remarks: Please specify the use of the donation and include the contact information of the donor in the sender’s remarks column of the remittance form.