Association of GDUT Alumni
Association of GDUT Alumni
Published:Association of GDUT Alumni

The GDUT Alumni Association is the official alumni organization of the University, serving as a channel for communication between the alumni and the University.


(1) Enhance the connection between the University and its graduates;

(2) Serve and provide all alumni with support;

(3) Seek donations to support the University's development by developing a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni.


(1) Organize a range of networking activities to strengthen alumni’s communication and cooperation;

(2) Arrange academic exchange and research cooperation for alumni to support their career development;

(3) Safeguard alumni’s legal rights and provide assistance for alumni when needed;

(4) Support the development of regional and school alumni organizations to strengthen alumni network;

(5) Collect alumni’s suggestion and advice toward the University’s development and encourage them to put forward proposals in regard of talent introducing, teaching and scholarship, as well as fund raising campaigns.

(6) Publish GDUT Alumni magazine and send them free of changes to the alumni;

(7) Keep the alumni up to date on the latest information related to the University and alumni events through GDUT’s website.

Domestic Branches

Domestic branches are regional branches composed of regional alumni in different cities all over China, which are aimed at providing alumni in the same region with a platform for get-together, exchange, cooperation and mutual development, promoting friendly exchanges among the alumni, and strengthening the cohesion of GDUT.

Overseas Braches

Overseas braches are regional branches composed of overseas alumni. GDUT students cover all over the world. They struggle hardly in foreign countries, bringing honor to their alma mater, loving and repaying GDUT. They form alumni associations in order to promote exchanges and communications among the overseas alumni, as well as strengthen the links between the overseas alumni and GDUT, and promote the further development of GDUT.

Industry Branches

Industry Branches are formed by alumni in the same area in terms of different industries, aiming at providing a platform by holding all kinds of activities for communicating information, seeking partners, and exploring resources to bring new development and opportunity to the alumni’s work.

Schools and Departments Branches

Schools and Departments Branches are divided by schools and departments where the alumni once studied. They regularly organize alumni year activities and get-togethers, providing a chance for alumni to communicate with each other and learn about the latest progress of GDUT, as well as strengthening the relationship between each other and the cohesion of GDUT.