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Student Organizations & Activities
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Campus Culture-Where Our Spirits Belong to

Science and Technology

Guangdong University of Technology has long been committed to inspire students with the spirits of innovation and the ability to put theories into practices, for which various levels and channels of education systems have been set up. As for the spirits of innovation, it aims at preparing students with the respect for science and technology, the pursuit of knowledge and skills, the diligence of school work, vigorous innovation, and sufficient confidence to coming challenges. While as for the ability to put theories into practices, it helps to enable students' with new ideas to innovate and confidence to start up one's own business.

Science and Technology Festival

The annual Science and Technology Festival consists of various competitions ranging from Software Design, Flash Design, Webpage Design, to other subjects as Electron Experiment Design, Dynamic Construction, etc.. Along with these competitions, lots of experts and famous academic scholars were invited to give lectures and hold seminars; there are also exhibitions on the hi-tech products and the achievements in scientific research by the University staffs. It all paves way for the studies of the students.

Challenging Cup National College Students Contest of Extracurricular Scientific Products and Challenging Cup University Students Star-UP Project Competition

These two top-notch contests have been the important arena to share their latest performance; and the longer it has been established, the more popular and welcomed it becomes among university students. Students of GDUT have won many national and provincial awards in these two contests in the past few years.

Special Funds for Students' Extracurricular Science and Technology Activities

Since 2002, 300,000 RMB per year has been funded by the University to support the application, registration and establishment of scientific research programs of students, which attracts more and more participants. In the past three years, up to 247 research programs have been submitted; after the panelist appraisal, 120 items have been launched, and 57 items have successfully passed the final appraisal.

In addition, students are encouraged to participate the Nation-wide Mathematics Model Building Contest, Provincial Physics Experiment Design Contest, Provincial University-Cup Software Design Contest, TCL Nation-wide University Students' Industrial Design Contest and so on, and most of them won the University fine awards. GDUT students' creativity and competence are self-evident in science and technology research, along with the commitment and efforts of the University.

Cultural Activities

The University provides various enriched cultural and recreational activities and extensive social practice to help the integration of humanities consciousness into the University system consisting mainly of science and technology studies and research.

Cultural and Art Festival

It functions as the stage for all those who are highly competent in singing and dancing. It consists of not only the conventional contests like Fresher's Singing Contest, Fresher's Calligraphy Contest, Campus Singing Contest, Forensic Contest, but the newly-launched and warmly-welcomed ones like Dancing Contest, Comic Cross-talks and Short Sketch Performance Contest, Photographic Contest, Handcraft Art Making Contest. Meanwhile many other enjoyable and excellent activities have been put on campus, for instance the appreciation of Symphony, Traditional Music, Dramas, Classic Motion Pictures, the talks with well-known artists, the performance of Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Normal University Wanfang Youth Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Baiyun Philharmonic Orchestra, Zhuhai Woman Chamber Chinese Style Orchestra, Guangdong Ethnic Orchestra, Guangdong Drama Institute, Guangzhou Ballet Troupe, and the performance and visit of famous artists, including Lanying Guo, Yimou Zhang, Baotian Li, Sifen Liu, Fengyi Liang, Xiang Li, Haixin Jin, Jinglei Xu, which facilitated the integration of both hieratic art and domestic and popular art styles into the University education scheme.

Furthermore, the University Art Ensemble well accommodates the students' extensive aspiration after art and culture, and student artists have been strongly encouraged to embark on establishing all sorts of art clubs and groups ranging from dance, light music, chorus to Chinese literature.

Social Practice

It offers students with opportunities to receive education from out-of-school perspective with knowledge to enhance their abilities. The Social Practice and Youth Voluntary activities in summer vacation have characterized this part of the school. Each summer vacation, students leave school for countryside to make extensive contact with the people in terms of giving science and technology counsel and technical training, providing technical aid to enterprises and entertainment performances to the people, passing on information involving the current policy and environmental protection.

Female Students Festival

Regarded as the initial and unique program among those of all universities in China, Female Students Festival, in which the slogan It Is Fantastic to Be the Female Students of GDUT features, has been covered in plenty of news reports. In the festival, male students will present roses  the most favorable cartoon toys or dolls to female ones. Besides, there are lectures on cosmetics, facial beauty, manners, appearances, hair style design, which help the young ladies to improve their looks, enhance their manners and wits; also seminars and talk shows with the famous people presented to discover and share the understanding on life, society, emotion, ideal, responsibilities.

Sports Activities

Sports activities launched and developed by the university aim at facilitating body-building and strengthening the mental and physical health of students. Students of the University have been of particular prominence in many sports events, among which the men's football team has many times won the first titles in the provincial level events; and, the men's volleyball team is far more fully reinforced, members of which such as the national team member Yufang Zhu and Jianlian Yi are among the best players in China.

Campus Media

The University Bulletin and the University broadcasting station, affiliated to the Publicity Department of the University, are the stage to share public opinion on campus. Members of School Bulletin, Photographic Association and broadcasting station spread over all campuses.

League of Journalists of the University Bulletin

Nose for news, industry, justice are the best description of its staffs, who dedicate to passing on the latest news, knowledge and information to the fellow students. League of Journalists of the University Bulletin has been always keeping sharp eye on any new development of all aspects of student life, course work, and job hunting, and as well working as a bridge to link the students with the University.

Photojournalist Association of School Bulletin

Shutterbugs on campus walked together and organized this association. It turns out many good photographers and some now have been the members of Chinese Folk Customs Photographic Association, Guangzhou City Photographic Association, and Guangzhou City Youth Photographic Association; and some have their photos published in the newspaper like Yangcheng Evening Post, Guangzhou New Express, Nanfang Metropolitan Daily, and Guangzhou Youth Post ; some have been photojournalists.

Broadcasting Station

To enrich campus life and improve campus culture and academic strength, our broadcasting station has developed a serial of after-school activities. The programs have received a lot of awards, including the third award of Elite Broadcasting Competition of Guangdong People's Broadcasting Station, the Award of 10 Best Radio Play of Guangzhou People Broadcasting Station, and the Award of Best Heading of Radio Program Contest of Foshan Broadcasting Station.

Students' Societies

To encourage the development of students' personality and share the true friendship and genuine success, 33 individual students' societies have been set up. They are: Union of Students' Societies, The League of English, Association of PC Technology and the Internet, Radio Society, Future Manager Association, Society of Encouragement, Film Association, Social Dance Club, Calligraphy and Painting Society, Guitar Society, Wenhu Lantern Riddles Association, Ball Game Fans Association, Boxing, Judo and Taekwondo Association, Volleyball Association, and Red Cross Association, etc.

Student Union of the University

As the bridge between the University and students, it is a student organization for all the students of the University and is affiliated to the Youth League Committee of the University. Student Union of the University aims at wholeheartedly providing various services to students, developing as many culture-related activities as possible, encouraging students to participate in learning of interdisciplinary knowledge combined with well-rounded abilities. Branches of the Student Union of the University in each school and faculty coordinate with one another to realize its commitment.

Unionof Students' Societies

Union of Students' Societies, under the command of Communist Youth League of the University, administer over 30 students' societies and organizations of the University. It is in charge of the daily administration, approving various society application, supervising activities, reviewing the Best Red banner Society and Outstanding Society Leadership, organizing large-scale society events, facilitate the operation of societies, and collaborating with societies in different aspects. It owns a journal Society Union Post.

Association of PC Science and Technology and Networking

Association of PC Technology and Networking was jointly established in win-win cooperation between Computer Association of year 2000, Science and Technology Association, and Networking Association. As one of the biggest societies in the University, it was rewarded the title of Red Banner Society. It owns a team of competent administrative experts, computer-related-trouble-shooting technicians, and capable strategies suppliers. There are very often plenty of special activities held, electron product exhibition on show, exciting lectures on specialized knowledge, popular Game of Scramble for Supremacy in Star World, CS Contest, Class Webpage Design Contest of Guangzhou City, and training projects of various electronic technologies and applied software.

Society of Encouragement

It's a comprehensive students’ society with focuses on academic and practice activities. It initiates the idea of people foremost, in addition to the combination of individual strive and team work spirits, and that of trust in and respect for members' capabilities and belief. It advances various activities and has been awarded the title of Red Banner Society of 5 years in succession, its Start-up project Half Child Care Center was awarded the Outstanding Prize in the 1 st National University Students Challenging Cup in 1999, the only university in Guangdong Province awarded the title of Nation-wide University Unique Society in 2000, and the Fire Studio awarded the 3 rd Place, the Most Creative Prize of the Chi Kou Cup Start-up Project Contest. Its debate team has been the first one that participates in the University Debate Contest on behalf of a student society.

Psycho-interaction and Individual Development Association (PIIDA)

Psycho-interaction and Individual Development Association is under the direct command of the Youth League Committee of the University, the Students Affairs Office and the Counseling Center of the University. By way of holding seminars and lectures on mental health and pyschohygiene, hot line consulting service, regular counseling service, mailbox counseling service, professional training, showing movies on psycho health, and psycho masses party, PIIDA is committed to pass on to students the useful information and knowledge. It has established a magazine Trail of Mind and set up its own website.

The League of English

The League of English aims at improving the English studies of the students and has its bases in all the campuses. In pursuit of the long lasing tradition of its predecessor English Club, the League gives activities all through the year. The Hilltop Treasure Seeking Game, Aladdin English Drama Performance, and Ball of Great Romantic Night are of its annual events; and English Corner and Free Dispatching of English Posts are of its weekly events.

Red Cross Association

Red Cross Association consists of mainly students and partly teaching staff. It is a basic and simple body providing medical aid, and also in charge of the social welfare services. It adheres to the purpose of humanitarianism, universal love, and dedication; heals the wounded and rescue the dying, helps those in danger and relieves those in need, respects the old and helps the disabled, and takes pleasure in helping others. With the help of providing training of first-aid treatment to its members and information on blood donation, it spreads out not only the knowledge and skills to save oneself and the others in case of accidents or damages but also the care and love one should possess and return to the society.

Student Association of GDUT also organizes the following activities:

1. Mechanics Construction Competition

2. Robotic Football match

3. Environmental Modeling Project

4. Start-Up Project Competition

5. Participate in the Youth Volunteer Service Team

6. Social practice team

7. The activities of volunteers fixing computer for free

8. Poems and reading contest

10. Football match

11. Flower arrangement contest