Welcome to GDUT International Office
Welcome to GDUT International Office
Published:Welcome to GDUT International Office

As the window of the university to the outside, International Office primarily endeavors to expand and enhance the influence and the position of Guangdong University of Technology. It makes a full use of all the social resources, both home and abroad, to serve for the development of GDUT.


Specific responsibilities:

1. To Manage,Guide, Coordinate and Provide Services for Any Foreign-Related Work or Any Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-Related Work in the University

2. Recruitment and Invitation of Foreign Teachers and Experts

3. Admission of Foreign Students

4. Conducting International Exchange and Cooperation

5. Helping sponsor International Conferences

6. Handling and Managing Official Visits abroad

7. Handling and Managing Donations and Scholarships from Abroad


We look forward to work with you!


For further information, or to explore the possibility of cooperation or exchange with GDUT, please contact:


Director, Ms. HUANG Rong,Tel: +86-20-39322766   Fax: +86-20-39322767 Email:

Section Chief,Ms.Yin Shanshan, Tel: +86-20-39322761   Fax: +86-20-39322767 Email: sara@gdut.edu.cn

Section Chief,Mr. ZHANG Ge,Tel: +86-20-39322763 Fax: +86-20-39322767 Email: jinglegd@gdut.edu.cn

Section Chief,Mr.CHEN Daikun, Tel: +86-20-39322762, Fax: +86-20-39322767 Email: wscgdut@gdut.edu.cn


You can reach us by mail at:

International Office

GuangdongUniversityof Technology

No. 100 Waihuan Xi Road

GuangzhouHigher Education Mega Center

Panyu District, Guangzhou

P.R China

Post Code: 510006