Recruitment of Foreign Teachers and Experts
Recruitment of Foreign Teachers and Experts
Published:Recruitment of Foreign Teachers and Experts

Welcome to Guangdong University of Technology, a key provincial university with a history of over 50 years and located in the downtown of Guangzhou, a famous city in south China. GDUT is a multidisciplinary university offering a wide range of undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. courses in engineering, science and technology, management, liberal arts and law, with major emphasis on the study of engineering.

Recruitment Plan:

Foreign teachers and experts are encouraged to apply for the posts and jobs in GDUT every year:

1. GDUT recruits foreign teachers or experts to teach English, Japanese, German, French and Russian etc.

2. GDUT also recruits or invites professors, experts or teachers of all subjects the University provides to teach and conduct researches at the University.

3. Besides the long-term foreign experts, we also welcome foreign professors to take sabbaticals or vacations teaching or lecture or research at the University short-term.

Recruitment Requirements:

1. Be friendly with China and the Chinese People

2. Abide by the laws of China and observe the regulations of the university

3. For language teachers or experts: Bachelor's degree or above

4. For specialized teachers or experts: Master's degree or above

5. Have clear pronunciation

6. Have experience in teaching

7. Be in good health

8. The load of teaching will be 16 periods a week for language teachers, and 10 periods plus research for specialized teachers.

Living Conditions for Foreign Teachers and Experts:

1. Monthly salary ranges from RMB5000 to 8000, depending on the education background, courses offered, working attitude and the quality of teaching.

2. Provide free lodging in our Foreign Expert Building (an apartment with air-conditioners, living, study and bed rooms with furniture and beddings; a kitchen and a bathroom with cooking utensils and shower; a TV set, a washing-machine. and a refrigerator; a computer and a printer which can be used for e-mail, internet and preparation of teaching materials.)

3. Arrange some free-of-charge tours both in Guangzhou and in Guangdong Province for foreign experts and teachers. Assistance in helping them arranging travels in China.

4.Provide a round-trip airfare RM8000 and RMB2200 allowance for foreign experts and teachers after their one-year service at the university.

5.Transportation between the airport to Guangdong University of Technology on their arrival and departure

6.Medical care in accordance with Chinese medical system; Provide personal accident insurance

Application Materials:

1. Resume

2. A copy of passport

3. A copy of the highest diploma or degree

4. 2 different reference letters

5. Medical check-up report

6. 4 passport-size photos (or electronic one)

For those who are interested in working with us, please contact:

International Office,

GuangdongUniversityof Technology

No. 100 Waihuan Xi Road,

GuangzhouHigher Education Mega Center

Panyu District, Guangzhou

P.R China

Post Code: 510006

Tel: + (86)20 39322762

Fax: + (86)20 39322767