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Job opening
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GDUT sincerely invites foreign experts to teach the following specialized courses:

Schools and Faculties



Schools and Faculties


School of Civil and Transportation Engineering

Communications and Transportation

School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Engineering


Environmental Chemistry

Surveying Engineering

Biology Engineering (Engineering Equipment)

Urban Planning

Biology Engineering

Civil Engineering

Schoolof Computers

Computer Science and Technology

Engineering Mechanics

Software Engineering

Water Supply and Sewerage Science and Engineering

Network Engineering

Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering

Schoolof Automation

Control Science and Engineering

Engineering Management

Automation of Power System, Electrical Engineering

Highway and Railway Engineering

Detecting Technology and Automatic Equipment

Schoolof Materialsand Energy

Material Science of Polymers and Engineering

Network Engineering

Electronics Science and Technology

Electronics Information Science and Technology (Electronics/ Communication/ Computer/ Information

Pharmaceutical Engineering

School of Foreign Languages


Chemistry, Biological Pharmaceutics


Catalysis Chemistry

Schoolof InformationEngineering

Information Engineering (Communication Engineering)

Organic Chemistry

Information Engineering (Electric Information Engineering

Physical Chemistry

Observing and Controlling Technology and Instruments

Natural Resources Chemistry

Information Engineering (Applied Electronics Technology

Food Science

Schoolof Artand Design

Industrial Design

Schoolof Management

Statistics, Econometrics

History of Art Designing

Information Management

Apparel Engineering

Electronic Commerce

Apparel Design

Information Technology / Automation of Telecommunication

Clothing Performance



Materials Flow Management, Information System

Computer Application

EnterpriseStrategic Management


Human Resource Management



Interior Design


Oral English +Financial Accounting

Schoolof Physicsand Photoelectric Engineering

Basic IC Design

School of Electromechanical Engineering

Machine Electronics Engineering

Optics Engineering

Machine Design and Theory

Optics Information Technology

Machine Manufacturing and Automation

Electronic Information Technology

Computer Software

Applied Electronic Technology

Computer Application

Electronic Engineering

Digital Media

Electronic Technology

Electrical Engineering

School of Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Packaging Engineering

Computing Mathematics

Industrial Design

Basic Mathematics

Industrial Engineering

Schoolof Business

International Economics and Trade

Vehicle Engineering

Business Administration

Management Science and Engineering

Electronic Commerce