School Dean Program and One-Hundred Talents Programs of GDUT
School Dean Program and One-Hundred Talents Programs of GDUT
Published:School Dean Program and One-Hundred Talents Programs of GDUT

In order to realize the aim of leap-forward development, GDUT continuously implements the high-level talents search programs, including Deans of five different schools and the “One-Hundred Talents” Chair Professors.

1. The “School Deans” Program

The university plans to invite scholars, experts and entrepreneurs who are competent to build first-class schools to work as deans of the following schools of the university:
1) School of Electromechanical Engineering
2) School of Automation
3) School of Chemical Engineering and Light Industry
4) School of Materials and Energy
5) School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

2.The “One-Hundred Talents” Chair Professors

The university plans to invite scholars, experts and entrepreneurs of the following disciplines to work as Chair Professors of the university:
1) Sophisticated electromechanical system design, sophisticated electromechanical control system, Ultra-precise machining and measuring technology, Integration technique and integrated circuit manufacturing equipment;
2) Research and application technologies of novel catalytic materials, preparation and application of novel functional materials, Synthesis and application of fine chemicals, studying on natural medicine and applying, fine utilization of biological resources;
3) Complex system theory and Engineering, Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Systems, Detection technology and automatic equipment, Pattern recognition and intelligent systems, Security of power system operation and control, New energy power generation and control technology, Electrical equipment control and energy saving;
4) Microelectronics and solid state electronics, service-oriented high performance computing, intelligent sensing and cyber-physical systems, software design theory and methodology, information countermeasure technology, integrated circuit and embedded systems design, intelligent media computing;
5) Materials science and engineering, physics or chemistry with related to soft mater;
6) Industrial design and product innovation, theory of design history, new media and visual design, architecture, environment of art design, fashion and textile design;
7) Rock and soil engineering, air-conditioning and energy saving;
8) Management system engineering,supply chain management,information administration and information system.


The applicants for The “School Deans” Program shall have the organization and coordination competence to lead the school for further development. The candidates of the two programs should have obtained doctorate degrees in related fields and meet at least one of the following criteria:
1) working as full-time professors in world class universities or research institutes;
2) working as technological leaders and having experiences in organizing world-class technological projects;
3) having obtained associate professor titles and having all-round knowledge of related key technologies or working in urgently needed fields;
4) having great potential for success in relevant academic fields (for outstanding young scholars);
5) having obtained intellectual property rights and having all-round knowledge of core technologies in related fields;
6) having international experiences in setting up businesses and having all-round knowledge of related areas and the related international rules;
7) Working at senior positions in world well-known enterprises.

For candidates who meet criteria (5), or (6), or (7), the university will work closely with the local enterprises to help fulfill the candidates’ academic and business ambitions by facilitating their innovative academic activities on campus and helping realize their entrepreneurial ideas in the “High-tech Business Incubating Park” of the university.

4. Salaries and Other benefits

We offer competitive compensation package and benefits for the qualified candidates. The annual compensation can be up to ¥1000,000 RMB ; the startup R&D funding can be up to ¥10,000,000 RMB. The laboratory space will be provided. We also provide qualified candidates with subsidy housing (approximate 100M2 temporary apartment), and for those who want to buy an apartment in Guangzhou, the university can offer a housing allowance up to ¥800,000 RMB.

5. Contact Information

All the documents and inquiries for the “One-Hundred Talents” Program should be addressed to the individual school (please find attached school information).