Research of GDUT
Research of GDUT
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Guangdong University of Technology is one of the principal research universities of Guangdong Province. Through more than 50 years’ unremitting efforts, the University has established a group of research bases with strong power, including the Institute of Extension Engineering, the Network Center, the Computing Center, the Audio-visual Education Center, the Analytic Testing Center, the Modern Processing Center, the Center for Metal Processing Fieldwork, etc, and a batch of key research laboratories of state and provincial levels, including 1 key lab of Ministry of Education of China, 4 provincial key labs, 11 key labs designated by Guangdong Department of Education, 1 engineering center of Guangdong Science and Technology Department and 2 engineering centers of Guangdong Department of Education.

The University attaches great importance to the cooperation with industries in integrating scientific research and manufacturing and tries to increase the University’s capacity to support local economic social development. In recent years, the University has promoted its scientific research cooperations within and outside Guangdong Province and made great achievements. The University has established 19 strategic alliances of innovative integration of manufacturing, study and research, 19 bases of manufacturing, study and research and innovation platforms, 4 demonstration bases of integration of manufacturing, study and research of Guangdong Department of Education, 1 international cooperation base of Guangdong Science and Technology Department and 1 international cooperation base of Guangdong Department of Education. The University has strengthened its strategic cooperative relations with Guangdong key industries and leading enterprises, many of which have been regarded as model cooperative relations between universities and enterprises. During the period from 2006 to 2010, the university has been awarded 5 provincial prizes, including 1 first prize for provincial natural scientific achievements and 1 first prize for provincial scientific and technological progress and obtained the qualification of Sci-tech Novelty Search (engineering) workstation. In 2011, the university received research fund of RMB 272 million. The university’s scale of scientific research is growing steadily.

Main Research Areas

• Electromechanical engineering

• Machine manufacturing and its automation

• Machine design and theory

• Vehicle engineering

• Industrial engineering

• Control theory and control engineering

• Measuring technology and automatic deices

• Electrical engineering and its automation

• Network engineering

• Applied chemistry

• Chemical technology

• Power electronics and drives

• Signal and information processing

• Rock and soil engineering

• Engineering mechanics

• Structural engineering

• Management science and engineering

• Enterprise management

• Business administration

• Electronic commerce

• Land resources management

• Human resources management

• Computer application technology

• Computer software and theory

• Materials science

• Materials processing engineering

• Thermal energy and power engineering

• Environmental science and technology

• Physical electronics

• Industrial design


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