School of Electromechanical Engineering
School of Electromechanical Engineering
Published:School of Electromechanical Engineering

The School of Electromechanical Engineering was established in 1958. Over its 50 years of academic progress, the School graduated more than 20,000 students. In 2007, the School was awarded the title 'Advanced Group of the National Education System' by the Ministry of Personnel and Ministry of Education.
The Faulty comprises 7 departments: Electromechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Design, Automobile Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Packing Engineering and Graphics and Digital Media Engineering, as well as an Electromechanical Engineering Laboratory Center.The School has 135 full-time teachers, 71.1 percent of whom are full and associate professors, including 21 doctoral supervisors and 86 master's tutors. The School has 2 'Pearl River Scholar', 1 member of the new century national 'Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand'talent project, 1 member of the 'Thousand, Hundred, Ten' talent project of Guangdong Province, 2 members of the Teaching Direction Committee of Ministry of Education of China, 5 teachers enjoying special government allowance, 3 provincial outstanding teachers, 1 provincial leading talent and 1 provincial innovation team.
The School currently has 1 station of Mechanical Engineering for postdoctoral research, 5 doctoral degree programs (Electromechanical Engineering, Machine Manufacturing and Its Automation, Machine Design, Vehicle Engineering, and Industrial Engineering), 5 master's degree programs (Electromechanical Engineering, Machine Manufacturing and Its Automation, Machine Design, Vehicle Engineering, and Industrial Engineering), 2 areas that can grant master's degrees in engineering (Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering) and 5 undergraduate programs, of which Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation and Industrial Engineering are provincial name-brand specialties. Mechanical Engineering has been selected as a key participant in the Guangdong '211 project' and the School has the authority to award the title Professor of this subject. The School now boasts 4 provincial key disciplines, 1 key lab of the State Education Ministry, 1 provincial key lab and 2 key labs designated by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, 1 national-level teaching team, 1 national excellent course and 3 provincial excellent courses and 1 national characteristic specialty.
The School is well known for its strength in delivering quality application-oriented education and applied research of great relevance to the needs of the expanding economy of the province. Every year, it undertakes over a hundred national, provincial and municipal key research projects and projects entrusted to it by public and private enterprises. Currently, it has established engineering research and development centers with many well known universities and enterprises both at home and abroad. The School has secured a unique position and maintains a competitive edge in its disciplines and its applied research achievements.Everyyear, students make excellent breakthroughs and achievements and win dozens of national and provincial awards and patents. The school has established a collaborative relationship in academic exchange and joint research with universities and institutions in countries and regions like the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, HK, Macao, Taiwan, etc. and forged a long-term cooperation relationship with Moscow State University of Technology, University of Nottingham (UK), University of Liverpool (UK), Prince of Songkla University in Thailand and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Ph.D. in Electromechanical Engineering

Ph.D. in Machine Manufacturing and Its Automation

Ph.D. in Vehicle Engineering

Ph.D. in Machine Design and Theory

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering

ME in Electromechanical Engineering

ME in Machine Manufacturing and Its Automation

ME in Vehicle Engineering

ME in Machine Design and Theory

ME in Industrial Engineering

BE in Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation(Electromechanical Engineering)

BE in Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation(Microelectronic Manufacturing Equipment and Automation)

BE in Vehicle Engineering

BE in Industrial Engineering

BE in Packaging Engineering

BE in Digital Media Technology