School of Automation
School of Automation
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School of Automation includes the Departments of Automation, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Measuring and Control Engineering, Net Engineering, and Electronic and Information Science and Technology, and in addition a Laboratory Center.The School has 99 full-time teachers, of whom 15 are doctoral supervisors, 57 are master's tutors, 30 are professors and 42 are associate professors. The School has well know teachers on the national and provincial level, including 1 teacher who won the title of ministerial 'excellent talent of the new century', 1 teacher who obtained National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 national outstanding teacher, 4 provincial outstanding teacher and 3 teachers enjoying special government allowance. The teaching and research buildings of the School cover a total area of 12,000 square meters, with facilities and equipment worth approximately 39 million RMB.
At present, the School has 1 station for post-doctoral research, 5 doctoral degree program, 10 master's degree programs, 3 engineering master's degree programs and 4 bachelor's degree programs. The School has the authority to award the title Professor of Control Science and Technology. The discipline of automation has been selected as a key participant in the Guangdong '211 project'. The School now boasts 1 key lab designated by Ministry of Education of China, 1 key lab of Guangdong Province, 3 key labs designated by Guangdong Department of Education, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 2 provincial key disciplines, 4 provincial key courses and 5 provincial excellent courses. Meanwhile, the School has established 18 workplaces based off the campus and works with 10 cooperative companies that invites our students for internships and visits for practical experience.
The School undertakes a number of national, ministerial, provincial and local research projects every year, the funding of which reaches to over 15 million RMB. In the past three years, the School has won 1 first prize for national natural science research, 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes for Guangdong provincial science and technology research, 1 first prize for Guangzhou science and technology research and 1 special prize for Dongguan science and technology research.
In the past three years, the School has undertaken 16 National Natural Science Fund Projects, 1 central special financial aid program and over 50 provincial and municipal R&D projects supported by provincial Natural Science Funds and other important sources. It has also developed enthusiastic cooperation and exchange activities with enterprises at home and abroad, in academics and research. A series of the School's research achievements have resulted in practical applications which have produced significant social and economic benefits. The School also encourages students to carry out scientific and technological innovation activities. In the past two years, the students have won over 60 prizes in various national and provincial Sci-Tech competitions.


Ph.D in Control Theory and Control Engineering

Ph.D in Measuring Technology and Automatic Device

Ph.D in System Engineering

Ph.D in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

Ph.D in Navigation, Guidance and Control

ME in Control Theory and Engineering

ME in Measuring Technology and Automatic Device

ME in System Engineering

ME in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

ME in Navigation, Guidance and Control

BE in Automation

BE in Electrical Engineering and Its Automation (Power System Automation)

BE in Electrical Engineering and Its Automation (Electrical and Electronic Technology)

BE in Network Engineering(Network and Informatics)

BE in Electronic, Information Science and Technology