School of Civil and Transportation Engineering
School of Civil and Transportation Engineering
Published:School of Civil and Transportation Engineering

The School of Civil and Transportation Engineering has a long history. From 1957 until now, the School has turned out over 10,000 talented construction engineers of various kinds. Many have become well-known scholars, entrepreneurs and social activists and made great contribution to the country's economy and society. The School comprises 8 departments, including Civil Engineering, Urban Utilities Engineering, Highway and Transportation, Engineering Management, Survey Engineering, together with the Institute of Rock and Soil Engineering, the Institute of Engineering Mechanic, and the Lab Center.
The School has 103 full-time teachers, of whom 20 are professors and 40 are associate professors. It now offers 8 bachelor's programs, 7 master's programs and 2 master's programs of engineering. The bachelor's programs include Civil Engineering, Project Management, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering, Building Environment and Equipment Engineering, Communications and Transportation and Survey and Drawing Engineering. Master's programs include Rock and Soil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Municipal Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering, and Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering. Rock and Soil Engineering is a provincial key discipline. Civil Engineering is national characteristic specialty and provincial name-brand specialty. The School also has a provincial research center for Civil Engineering Technology, a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center for Civil Engineering and a 'GDUT-HK POLYU Joint Research Center for High Performance Structures.
The School has 12 specialized laboratories. These are the Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Rock and Soil Engineering, Civil Engineering and Materials, Building Equipment Engineering, Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering, Hydromechanics, Architecture and Civil Engineering CAD, Engineering Survey, Communications and Transportation, and Road and Bridge Engineering Laboratories. The total laboratory area is about 8,996 square meters. The teaching aids and laboratory apparatus are worth about 25.82 million RMB. The School also has a library collection of over 33,000 volumes of various types of books and materials.


ME in Rock and Soil Engineering

ME in Engineering Mechanics

ME in Structural Engineering

ME in Municipal Engineering

ME in Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

ME in Heating,Gas Supply,Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering

ME in Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering

BE in Civil Engineering

BE in Civil Engineering(Road and Bridge Engineering)

BE in Project Management

BE in Water Supply(Water Science and Municipal Engineering)

BE in Building Environment and Equipment Engineering

BE in Survey and Drawing Engineering

BE in Communication and Transportation