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The School of Management of Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) is located in the Longdong Campus. Sitting at the foot of the mountains and facing the lakes, the campus is blessed with a beautiful natural environment and clean air. With an area of more than 600 acres, Longdong campus has first-class educational, sports and living facilities, including a library and laboratories. There are about 2500 square meters of research and teaching laboratories. Total lab assets amount to RMB 8.365million, of which an investment of RMB 4.42 million has been made in recent years. After many years of development and support from the university, Longdong campus has been built into a beautiful and fascinating place for nurturing talents and pursuing teaching and research activities.
As one of the largest schools in GDUT, the School of Management consists of the Departments of Business Administration, Accounting, and Public Administration, in addition to the Lab Center, the MBA Program Office, and the Institute of System Engineering. The school is also home to the Guangdong Association of Technology Economics and Modern Management, the Guangdong Society of System Engineering, and the Guangzhou Association for Real Estate. The school now has been chosen as a Professor qualification accreditation organization in the discipline of management.
The school has a large pool of talented staff. Among the 149 full-time professional teachers, 20 are professors and 53 are associate professors. Three teachers have received awards as provincial outstanding teachers, and 2 have been named provincial outstanding young teachers. Six have been recognized as members of the 'thousand, hundred, ten' talent project of Guangdong province. Seventeen teachers are able to deliver bilingual courses.
The school has 1 doctoral degree program (Management Science and Engineering), 6 master's degree programs (Management Science and Engineering, Technology Economy and Management, Accounting, Enterprise Management, Land Resource Management and Tourism Management). The school has 12 bachelor's degree programs and 2 second bachelor's degree programs, among which Information Management and Information System, and Business Administration are recognized as provincial name-brand specialties. Two courses are now listed as provincial key courses, and 15 are offered as bilingual courses.
In recent years, the School members actively participate in scientific research and have made a leap forward progress, exceeding the R & D fund expectation of our university in the last 8 years consecutively. More than 200 papers are published annually. In recent years, the school has initiated 20 National Natural Science Fund Projects and State Social Science Fund Projects and over 80 provincial and ministerial levels projects. Over RMB 6 million of research fund is introduced to the School each year. By doing horizontal research projects, we have established a number of joint production and research bases in the Pearl River Delta region, which providing a strong support for the teaching of undergraduate students practice session.
There is dynamic learning and teaching atmosphere in the school. A series of activities have been held frequently, including 'Students Entrepreneurship Cup Competition', 'Student Marketing Elite Contest', 'The Month of Students Science and Technology Activities', which focus on the undergraduate students with also professional teachers involved. 'Doctor's Forum', 'Yuxiu Forum' and other academic forums are also available to all the students. By inviting well-known professors at home and abroad, experts and business management to give academic lectures and conduct academic exchanges, the school helped to enrich the student extra-curricular activities and to enhance students' learning enthusiasm and upgrade the overall quality of students.
While focusing on theoretical knowledge teaching, the school pays more attention to cultivating the overall moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic ability of the students. The graduates are highly appreciated by the society.


Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering

MA in Management Science and Engineering

MA in Enterprise Management

MA in Accounting

MA in Tourist Management

MA in Land Resource Management

MA in Technology Economy and Management

BA in Information Management and Information System

BA in Electronic Commerce

BA in Business Administration

BA in Marketing

BA in Land Resources Management (Land Planning and Real Estate Development)

BA in Accounting

BA in Finance Management

BA in Logistics Management

BA in Human Resources Management

BA in Management Science

BA in Tourism Management