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School of Computers
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The specialty of Computer Science and Technology was initiated in 1984, and the growth and development of this specialty led to the founding of the School of Computers in May, 2000.The School consists of the Departments of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, in addition to the Lab Center. The School has 6 key disciplinary research directions, namely, Services Computing, the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical System, Theories and Methods of Software Design, Information Counter measures and Information System Security, Chip Design and Embedded Systems and Smart Media Information Process.The School also has 15 scientific research teams.
At present, the School has 104 full-time teachers, including 18 professors and 34 associate professors, 4 doctoral supervisors and 35 master's tutors. The School also has 16members of the 'Thousand, Hundred, Ten' talent project of Guangdong province and 4 teachers enjoying special government allowance. Up till now, it has 3172 undergraduates and 1250 master's degree candidates.
The School has 1 doctoral degree program (Computer Application Engineering), 3 master's degree programs (Computer Application Technology, Computer Software and Theory, Computer System Structure), 3 undergraduate programs (Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering) and 2 areas that can grant master's degree in engineering (Computer Technology and Software Engineering). The School has, at the provincial level, 1 key subject (Computer Application Technology), 1 name-brand specialty (Computer Science and Technology), 3 key courses (Computer Construction Theory, Computer Networks, and Data Structures), and 2 excellent courses (Operating Systems and Computer Networks).
The School has 11 well-equipped laboratories for teaching and research, including 1 key teaching lab of Guangdong Department of Education (Modern Computer Technology Lab), 1 provincial key training base of IT personnel and 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centre for Computer & Network. The laboratory area takes up more than 3500 square meters, with advanced facilities and equipment worth RMB 55.68 million.The School's research work achievement is outstanding. During the last five years, the School has undertaken 238 scientific research projects and obtained research funding amounting to over RMB 10 million. At the same time, the School teachers have published 686 theses and 11 monographs, won 20 prizes for national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological research and obtained over fifty inventive patents and computer software copyrights.
The School attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' innovative ability. In the past five years, the students of the School have won 28 prizes in various international and national competitions and 56 prizes in provincial competitions. The competitions include the International Scientific Computing Software-SCILAB Program Design Competition, ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest, the National Computer Simulation Competition and the 'Challenge Cup' National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition, etc.

Programs Computer Application Engineering(Control Science and Engineering)

ME in Computer Application Technology

ME in Computer Software and Theory

ME in Computer System Structure

BE in Computer Science and Technology

BE in Software Engineering

BE in Network Engineering (Network System Development and Management)