School of Environmental Science and Engineering
School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Published:School of Environmental Science and Engineering

The School of Environmental Science and Engineering was the earliest school in Guangdong Province which offered bachelor's degree program of Environmental Engineering. At present, the School has one doctoral degree program, two master's degree programs, one master's degree program in engineering and three undergraduate programs. The School now has one national characteristic specialty, one provincial name-brand specialty and 20 standard workplace bases out of the campus.
At present, the scientific research and technological exploitation carried out by the School mainly involves 4 areas: chemical pollution and its control, resource comprehensive utilization and clean production, waste disposal, and environmental microorganism studies. The School has the qualification for environmental assessment and is granted the qualification of providing clean production technology services. The School consists of 5 departments: the Departments of Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Biological Engineering, the Laboratory Center, and a research institute of Environment and Resources.
The School has 64 teachers, of whom 24 are professors and 18 are associate professors and 1,354 undergraduates and 122 master's degree students. Currently, the School has 1 provincial key teaching lab of Guangdong Department of Education (Comprehensive Resources Utilization and Clean Production Lab) and 1 Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centre for Environmental Engineering. The total area of laboratories for teaching and research take up 7,000 square meters, with equipment of total worth of RMB 60 million, including 1361 sets of instrument and equipment.
In the past three years, the School has undertaken over 220 national and provincial scientific and technological projects and 3 teaching reform projects, and obtained annual research funding of over RMB 10 million. Ten inventive patents have been awarded. The School teachers have published over 250 scientific research theses, 36 teaching research theses and 3 textbooks. One first prize of national science and technology advanced award and six prizes of provincial science and technology advanced award have been received. There are 26 students who have won prizes in various college students' scientific and technological competitions.

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