School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering
School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering
Published:School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

The School of Physics and Optoelectronic  Engineering consists of 4 teaching and research sections: Microelectronic Technology, Optoelectronic Technology, College Physics and  Electrotechnics  and  Electronics, in addition to a Laboratory Center. The School has a strong and qualified teaching staff with 69 full-time teachers, of whom 15 are professors and  29 are associate professors (including 3 doctoral supervisors and 28 master's tutors). The School also has 1 member of the Teaching Direction Committee of Ministry of Education of China and 1 member of the 'Thousand, Hundred, Ten' talent project of Guangdong province.
At present, the School has teaching and research equipment for academic use whose value amounts to RMB 8.56 million. The academic laboratories take up 3,888 square meters. The laboratory for teaching common courses - College Physics and Electricity and Electronics - is a provincial demonstration center. Its total area is 6000 square meters and the equipment has a value of RMB 8 million. The School has established 7 practice educational bases off campus so as to guarantee the School's teaching, research and disciplinary construction and development.The School offers 1 doctoral degree program, 3 master's degree programs and 2 undergraduate programs. Physical Electronics is provincial key discipline. The School also offers introductory courses of college physics and electronics to over 7000 students in the university every year. College Physics is provincial excellent course. Through the untiring efforts of the teachers, the School has made quite a few achievements in teaching research. In recent years, the School has undertaken 2 provincial teaching research projects and published 45 theses of teaching research and 13 textbooks, including 3 plan textbooks of the Ministry of Education of China.
Applied research by the School has borne fruit in recent years. The School has undertaken 95 state, provincial and municipal research projects with a total funding of more than RMB 10 million, including 20 State Natural Science Fund Projects and 75 provincial Natural Science Fund Projects and provincial key scientific and technological projects, and has obtained 6 patents and 2 provincial science and technology advanced awards. Over 450 research papers have been published.To enhance the all-round development of students, the School pays great attention to providing students with many opportunities to stretch their imaginations and make innovations. In extra curricular Sci-Tech activities, about 200 students have won over 80 awards in a series of national and provincial university student competitions, and 2 student inventions have been patented and the technology successfully transferred. The employment rate of the School's graduates in recent years has reached 97.5%.


Ph.D in Materials Physics and Chemistry

ME in Physical Electronics

ME in Materials Physics and Chemistry

ME in Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

BE in Electronic Science and Technology (Photoelectron Technology and Microelectronics Technology)

BS in Optical Information Science and Technology